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UpdateRTL and producer decided ITV Holland sound Not broadcasting at the moment. The channel reported that it had received allegations of abusive sexual behavior and abuse of power and wanted to know exactly what was going on. Band leader Jeroen Rietbergen admitted his involvement and immediately resigned.

Wednesday, January 12th, BNNVARA Editors Angry Send us an email containing allegations of sexual abuse and abuse of power Holland sound† The allegations are so serious and shocking that RTL did not know about it.”

In consultation with the producer of the singing program, the channel decided Holland sound to be postponed for the time being. Rietbergen appeared widely in Episode III, as can already be seen in Videoland. “On the basis of these allegations, an ITV producer has been contacted and it has been mutually agreed that ITV will immediately initiate a serious and independent investigation. We take this very seriously. Participants and staff must be able to operate in complete safety. There is no room for interpretation in this. The priority now is to get the facts to the table.

ITV said it was shocked by the allegations. “Our top priority is to provide a safe and supportive environment for everyone involved in – or working on – our shows, and ITV Studios has a zero-tolerance policy towards the type of behavior that is said to have occurred.”


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According to BNNVARA, band leader Jeroen Rietbergen, presenter partner Linda de Mol and son-in-law, Van the sound– Creator John de Mol, today a confession to my editors Angry I sent. According to the announcer, he will stop his work immediately.

In a press release, BNNVARA also stated: ‘In the spring of 2021, the editors of Angry Stories of alleged infringing sexual behavior in Holland sound† There was a call from AngryPresenter Tim Hoffman asked if there are more people who have tried something in talent shows which is not acceptable. Several reactions from people claiming to have been victims or witnesses of abuse of power and sexual offending behavior followed in the sound† This relates not only to the charges against Jeroen Rietbergen, but also to the charges against several people within the programme.

Linda de Mol’s management says the presenter and wife of Rietbergen will not comment on the allegations. Rietbergen has since deleted his Instagram account.

The charges against Ali B.

This site has spoken to several sources related to the program. They claim that Ali b. He was also guilty of sexually aggressive behaviour. Earlier this week, a complaint was filed against a person “associated” with the TV show Holland sound† His lawyer today confirms to this site that he is Ali B..

SPEC, the management agency of artist Ali B and his wife, Briggy Commerce, noted the allegations on Instagram. “A lot remains unclear, but one thing is clear: Ali has never abused his position and has never acted sexually across the border. We await the investigation with full confidence,” the statement added.

The rapper also responds to the allegations on his personal page. I am 100% convinced of my innocence. It is an accusation of something that would have happened a long time ago, but it is not true. I was surprised by this. No name is given, and nothing concrete. I can’t defend myself against that, let alone the media, but the damage has been done.

Ali says he has not received a call from the police yet, but is ready to cooperate with all investigations. “Again, this is not true and I am confident the investigation will prove it. I find this case very unfair”, he concludes.


Waylon management, who can be considered a coach in the soundHe says: The only appropriate reaction here is that what happened is terrible. Waylon is not involved in this and RTL has confirmed it to us.”

Chantal Janzen, who has been presenting the show since 2019, was also shocked by the messages. She wishes all her Instagram participants a lot of power. ‘Shocked by the reports about the soundJanzin writes on her Instagram Stories. Shame on the hard working people in and on this program who know nothing about this and have nothing to do with it. The bottom stone should be on top.

Martin Krabi says he is shocked by the news. He made the first nine seasons with Wendy Van Dyck. Then Chantal Janzin took her place. I was completely surprised and shocked by the news about the sound† unpleasant. It is very good that everything is investigated. I hope the truth will come out,” Krabi tweeted. “For now, I would like to wish everyone who has suffered harm and grief as a result of this a lot of strength.”

Jamie Loman, who can be considered a host on the show, is also shocked and saddened by the news, as he reported on his Instagram stories. “I hope things will be cleared up soon, especially for those who have been hurt and hurt. It is the right choice, for the benefit of all involved, to suspend the broadcast.

The program sponsors were also surprised by the news. “We have decided, based on all the reports from the past 24 hours, to cancel the current sponsorship Holland sound to stop immediately. We do not condone any form of infringing behavior and as a company we expressly distance ourselves from such behaviour. Once again, we extend our condolences to all concerned. Lidl sponsor also says: “Today we learned of the suspension of the program. We are awaiting further information or investigation.”

Not the first program

Holland sound It’s not the first program that RTL has to check for potential infringement behavior. In 2019, the channel temporarily decided not to broadcast reality shows after sexually offensive behavior in the villaEight bachelors moved into a luxury villa for a week.

The program showed that one participant had to kick out the fellow candidate intruder several times. One participant told her story anonymously on Tim Hoffman’s #BOOS. RTL decided to stop immediately the villa And with similar programs temptation island And love island

the sound He has been removed from the tube for the time being after reports of sexually dissenting behaviour. Do you know more about this or do you want to report another abuse? Then it is best to send us a message via WhatsApp or Signal at: +31615377185. You can also send an email to or a tip via Publeaks. You can tell us anonymously through all of these channels. We will treat your data confidentially in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

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