Rhys Foker: “You can make a horse special”

“When I was young, the foal regularly passed near our house. After a while, my mom walked up to her and asked if the foal was for sale, she could buy it,” says Reese. The owner indicated that it will be for sale in just a few years. My mother thought that was good. We were still young.”

There is no stability

“A few days later, the dowry owner came and said, ‘You bought the dowry, right? My mother replied, “This was only for a few years, right?” “Yes, but you wanted it, right?” said the owner. “But I don’t have a stable yet!” was my mother’s reaction. “My parents are divorced and I am getting a bigger dowry. He can stay put and you’ll get all things done. Then suddenly we had a pony.” Calimero, as the pony was called, was at the beginning of Reiss’ career. He was 42 years old.

Grand prize

Reese now runs Dressage Stable Una R Horses with her mom. Reiss rode several ponies up to Z2, participated in the Dutch Championships and then moved on to horses. The first horse I got under it wasn’t always easy Una Mittal (by Mittal), or the astronaut. “He came to us as a problem horse: he was trained to include the Z1, but he had a huge tongue problem and you can see he didn’t enjoy his work anymore. They didn’t know what to do with it anymore. I was still riding with the ponies and I didn’t ride a horse before. I got up and pressed him right away. Within 10 minutes his tongue problems were gone. He started walking again and then things went really fast. I started him on a Z2 then didn’t ride Juniors for long because he thought it was boring. The higher we went, he walked The better and the more I like his job.” Before Reese turned 18, they started Grand Prix racing.

Heart attack

“We learned to work high together. I remember the first time I rode the heavy round and broke up with Diederik van Selvhout and Tommy Visser. I thought, ‘Wow, they’re doing the pass.’ Then I thought, ‘Wow, me too!” I want it. Next time it went a lot better, because I knew I could ride among these big boys.” Unfortunately, this success story came to an abrupt end. Before they even had a competition, the astronaut had a heart attack under the saddle. They fell hard and the astronaut had a lung hemorrhage as a result. survived. He’s back on track one year later. Then he had another heart attack, this time in the ring. Reese decided not to ride it anymore. A year later it happened again. It did not survive. “Then he didn’t rise anymore. That was really, really bad.”

long days

Half of the day Ries works in Stoeterij de Middenweg and the other half of the day rides her own client training horses from Una R Horses, which are stabled at Taams Horses. She studies in the evening. Together with Stoeterij de Middenweg she has three future horses ready. One of them is Epidaurus SDM (by Zhenghis Khan). It’s almost ready for the big ride. “People sometimes ask me why I work for such long days. One of the reasons is that small improvements make me so happy, like a fly key that suddenly works or the feeling that a turn is going just fine. I think improving a horse is great, even if I see it in my students. I really enjoy the small steps, which can sometimes lead to big successes. This can really make my whole day.”

make special

And to improve horses, Reece can do it like no other. “I had horses that were put away as a problem horse, when there was definitely something wrong physically. Then we figured it out with the vet or physiotherapist. It is very important to listen to your horse. Juwel Marilla SDM (by Desperado) is a good example of that. She was a surrogate mare and not a great horse to see.After she had a hard time giving birth and the foal was cut off, we started riding her. She was nothing special and very crooked.The doctor started working on her, we gave her time and she is now one of the best horses in the stable.If she wasn’t Had she gone to physical therapy, we might have gotten rid of her under the guise of “a beautiful horse, but not special.” I am convinced that a horse does not have to be special, but you can make it. If you listen to what it needs.”

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Photo: Private property/Photo by Naomi Janssen

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