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Becoming a mother is exciting, of course, and can be very overwhelming. At such moments you are presented with a wealth of information about children. So Anna Jacobs started a media app and, above all, a reality app with her sister Frederick. In How About Mom, you will be introduced to the practical side of motherhood. We spoke to the show’s founder, Anna Jacobs, two years ago, right after the app was launched, but what about now? You can hear it in the episode “From a Good Idea to Creating Your Own App”.

How About Mom is developed the way many good ideas are born: through a problem. “Becoming a mother for the first time and feeling completely prepared,” Anna said. “I was busy with it a lot, but I still had many surprises. What is the blood loss after the third day? What about those big breasts? During my motherhood, I went from one surprise to another and I needed information. Why didn’t anyone tell me this?”

what about my mom

Anna thought for some time that this was her fault, but now she hears more and more women around her who share the same sentiment. “How the mother appeared which is what the name really says: We help guide the mother through this time. With daily tips and advice. This allows them to better understand whether certain diseases are part of it and you can read information from the best experts. We also offer audio and video courses for relaxation. , or to facilitate childbirth, about sexuality and intimacy after childbirth. Of course, there is also a lot to read online, but you quickly find yourself in all kinds of Internet caves and not know whether or not you can take it for real. In our app you will find the honest stories.”

Many of the stories are supplemented with information from experts, something that Anna and Fredericki find very important: “We said from the start: We have to follow two paths. On the one hand, we need to make sure we’re making a branded product that moms will love, and on the other hand, we need to reach out to The heart of the caregiver. That way people will talk about it, share their experiences and the application can grow.”

exciting moment

The app was launched nearly two years ago, just at the beginning of the pandemic. We launched the app in May 2020, in the middle of the first wave of Corona. This was actually a good thing, because there was an unbelievable amount of uncertainty and tension among the mothers who could not attend the regular check-ups with the midwives. This allowed us to be a kind of beacon. Unfortunately we weren’t able to throw a big party at launch, but once the app was on the App Store, I was so proud! “

“We are regularly told How About Mom helped mothers during the early weeks and that they would like to receive a push letter every now and then.” Depending on the moment of conception, and also after that, they receive information about their child or about their own (recovery) process. Something that newborn mothers share with each other with great pleasure.

Create or create an app?

Create or create an application? Anna and Frederick chose to call in experts for this. “We had an idea and were looking for someone to build it. We drew a sketch of what it should look like and asked someone to help us with the design.”

It was not as expected. “At first we thought we had gotten to the big picture a long time ago. The UX guy wanted to go back to basics, but I thought: yeah, but the idea is already there, so we don’t need those sessions about it. I’m glad we finally did, because those sessions It was incredibly valuable. Helps to think about certain structures. We also benefited a lot from the moms themselves. We made a call on Wednesday that we needed a few moms on Friday to come and test the app for an hour. I thought that would be very difficult, but in any At one point the DM filled up, mothers and pregnant women arrived in Utrecht, just because they supported our app so much.”

Anna insisted on running the app online for Mother’s Day. “We didn’t have much time and everyone thought we were crazy. But it worked, and in the first 3 days we already had 3000 downloads in the App Store and Play Store. I think we managed it by choosing a good app builder, participating in sprints and by people On our test panel. Plus, we worked hard to raise awareness. We were even at the big pregnancy fair in March 2020: no app yet. It also helped moms – just like me at the time – who needed the story The honest and that you then have a free app that you can come back to day and night. I’m very proud of that, because we were able to do it so successfully.”

In addition, a book with the same name was written, and it has already been printed in several editions, which made it possible for Anna to make more use of her “baby” and help mothers than she dared to dream.

Want to know more about what about mom? – Check out the website! And read this article if you want more information about creating an app.

This was episode 18 with Anna Jacobs

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