News from Friesland from 9 and 10 April | The cold in the provincial alliance is out of the air at the moment and the latest certificates awarded at the Kollum Swimming Center

Vincent Gottschalk at the Swimming Center. Photography by Markel van Kamen

The cold in regional politics is unexpected at the moment: the four coalition parties struck deals during an emergency meeting on Sunday that all parties involved can live with. Dozens of children earned a swimming diploma on Saturday at the Zwemcentrum Kollum, which is closing due to financial problems. This and more in our report on the most important news of the past 48 hours.

Consultations between the FNP, VVD, CDA and PvdA were planned on Sunday, among others, because there were suspicions that VVD States member Marten Dijkstra knew about the dissemination of fake news by his former party member Durk Pool, via a fake Twitter account about FNP. .

The threat of dishonesty, especially between FNP and VVD. Anyway, the relationship between the two parties is fragile Because of the difference of opinion about, among other things, the Delta plan for the North and the approach to the wolf

Swimming diplomas handed over for the last time at Kollum Swimming Center which has to be closed due to high costs: “I can masturbate”

There is applause at the Kollum Swimming Center. Folkert Durk Hoekstra (7) from Hantumhuizen accepts the tribute with a smile. Obtained a swimming diploma. “It’s a good thing it’s not even a cow,” says his father, Ronald Hoekstra. The teachers inside the bathroom are really good. United States oare twa bern soenen hjir ek hinne. But yeah, that’s not possible.” At 3 p.m., the door will close permanently. Being drowned in the pool due to the accumulation of setbacks.

Sydney van Hooydonk hits Heerenveen against Groningen

With two goals, Sydney van Hooydonk was invaluable for SC Heerenveen in the northern derby against FC Groningen. The party was big at Abi Linestra Stadium after the 3-1 win.

Tobiasen announced in advance that he would double blow He wanted to hit the derby. After all, the victory over Groningen meant that his team would normally have another year of Dutch football in the Eredivisie. That might sound crazy, given the 11th place Heerenveen held before the match, but the interim coach wasn’t entirely comfortable with the enforcement being enforced.

Rioting between fans SC Heerenveen and FC Groningen, ME bears accusations

After the match between Heerenveen and FC Groningen, riots broke out in the vicinity of the Abbey Linstra Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Rioters threw heavy fireworks and other equipment at the mobile unit and police horses. The Ministry of Defense carried out several charges.

After stomach flu, Vitis Kambur also gets under it

For a long time SC Campore had been hoping for a point at Arnhem, but the equalizer did not materialize. Leeuwarders fell from stomach flu Only five points left due to the 1-0 defeat after the winter break

Early on, Kambur seemed to have passed a hopeless afternoon. This was prompted not by the previous 1-6 defeat at Leeuwarden, but by the stomach flu virus that had caused chaos in the selection. Even before kick-off, coach Dennis Haar had to change three positions.

The KNVB saw no reason to cancel the match in light of the virus outbreak. Kambur still had plenty of “fit” players.

Frisian can unexpectedly call himself Junger thanks to the discovery of his family background

A resident of Friesland who did not know he had a noble background, He will soon be able to call himself a young man † This is very exceptional, according to the High Court of Nobles. “It is about a person belonging to a family belonging to the original gentry before 1795,” said Juncker Peter de Savornin Lohmann, president of the High Court of Gentry.

It hardly ever happens again that people find out that they are entitled to a title. Recognition also instantly makes nobles noble.

More in the news

Heeg and Balk can finally christen their new motorboats , the ships they are jealous of in the rest of the Netherlands. They’ve been in operation since last summer, but Balk and Heeg firefighters can’t launch their new boats until Saturday afternoon.

*Max Verstappen as Formula 1 World Champion is having a disappointing season at the moment. For the second time in three races The Dutchman withdrew from Australia on Sunday with a problem with his Red Bull Oh, that’s too bad. “We have a lot of work to do,” said Verstappen of Viaplay.

* On April 22 – Earth Day – Henry Mintink of Varrick will begin his tour of Crowe to put the land on the World Heritage List. Accompanied by Jan Cliffstra of Akkrum by hair

Editor’s tip

* Geranium? Lewis Bergstra knows this only from the proverb and from the garden center. Although the athlete is 77 years old, IJlster still works daily at De Stânfries gymnastics club. Training is not boring after more than half a century †, as long as I release Asma Byrne, I’ll have a good time.

– Two years ago, the Brown Fleet seemed to be heading for bankruptcy. Now that the aura has been overcome, the Lords see good fortune in their future once again. On Saturday, Fleet Day in Harlingen is filled with confidence.

The press makes the trade-offs † He writes that whether it is about the horrific images from Ukraine or how we will break the administrative culture in Friesland LC Editor-in-chief Sander Warmerdam.

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