“Mom always wants to arrange everything very well”

Magnus inherited the temperament of his half-Norwegian mother, Anne: she seems calm, but can suddenly explode. They do a lot together, like watching bread shows. “He’s always had a distinct taste.”

Sarah Lueters

Anne Reinke (43)

“Magnos is very calm and kind, but he can become very angry all of a sudden, especially if he thinks something is unfair. I recognize this quality, I’m just like that. My husband calls it us “Passion for the North Pole”, I am half norwegian and born in denmark. Scandinavians seem very calm, but they can explode suddenly. I always try to understand it.

Magnus and I do a lot together; When we go on vacation with the family, we find out where we are going and in which hotel we will spend the night. Now that we’ve done the renovation, he’s thinking well of the new interior. We recently picked a bathroom at the sanitary ware store, and went with our shoes to test out the bathtubs. Even when I go shopping for clothes, I sometimes take Magnus with me. He has a very clear opinion and immediately sees whether something suits me or not. He is also very interested in me and his sister. During lockdowns he helps Alina with her homework and when he sees I’m tired he offers to do an assignment.

Magnus loves to cook. When he was about seven years old, he would make pasta dishes that he would sell to neighbors. Our happiness is guilt under a blanket with a teapot The great british bakes research. It has always had a distinct taste with food. He recently made his own gingerbread, and for his birthday wanted not a cake but a bag of sour from De Leeuw Zuuwaren, near us.

Now Magnus says he wants to be a chemist or a chef, but if he gets into politics I wouldn’t be surprised either. At home, politics is a topic of debate, from elections to climate. We think it is important for them to know how society works.

Last year Magnus was a member of the Children’s City Council, and he was the only one on the council who wanted to put reading on the agenda; Magnus reads a lot and loves to read. He plays football and loves to play basketball, attends chess club at school and plays guitar.

Puberty has just begun, but I’m glad others haven’t led him yet and he’s following his own path. I notice that I find it hard to let go of it, especially on a bike in traffic, but on the other hand, it’s nice to talk more and more on an equal level.”

Magnus Frolk (12)

“Our house is being renovated, and I finally got my own room. We’ve been living in friends’ houses for six weeks now, in a different neighborhood each time. As a result, I got to know the city pretty well, although I also felt spontaneously moved from school to our home in Rivierenbuurt, while we were living in the North at the time.

Now we live in an empty house near Westerdok, we all sleep in one room, with mattresses on the floor and some second-hand furniture we either found in the huge waste or bought from Marktplaats. The internet doesn’t work here, so we play a lot of games. I love to play chess or backgammon with my dad, this is our newest addiction. We make four pots every night.

I like to live in other houses, but I hope we can come home before Christmas. Christmas with my mom’s family is always very fun, we first go to the Norwegian Church in Rotterdam, where my grandmother works. There we sing Norwegian songs and then go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to enjoy gifts and a six-course meal. There is always one almond hidden in the dessert, rice pudding, and whoever finds the almonds wins a prize.

My father sometimes goes to work, he goes to write on a farm in Friesland and then my sister and I eat often in the café. I love to bake with my mom. We recently made a baking recipe from Hall Holland Bucket. It took a day to prepare, but it turned out very tasty.

Mom always wants to put everything in order. Now that I’m in high school, she helped me plan and take test exams for me to practice. She is also learning along with my Latin. I think it’s a nice language, because it appears in everything, like the names of flowers and plants or in other languages, like Spanish and Italian. My favorite holiday country is Italy, it’s beautiful and the food is delicious.

Because of the climate we now have a rule: we can fly once a year inside Europe and once every two years outside Europe. We hope that our next vacation will be in New York. This is possible because we have not flown anywhere since Corona.”

Anne Reinke (43)Photographer
Victor Frolk (52)writer
Magnus Frolk (12)Grade 1, Barlaeus Gymnasium.
Alina Frolk (8)Group 5, Boekmanschool

The family lives in a rented house in Rivierenbuurt.

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