Meanwhile in F1 | Ferrari celebrate after dominant Leclerc’s win in Australia

In between all the big news, you could miss a few things over the weekend at the Grand Prix. No thanks on duty, F1 max Keeps you informed in the “Meanwhile in…” section about all the meaning and nonsense from the world of Formula 1.

Ferrari celebrate after dominant Leclerc’s win in Australia

Ferrari has every reason to celebrate after the Australian Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc won in dominant fashion at Albert Park Street. After that, the Italian first team shared photos of the victory celebrations Down† The joy is palpable, even with Carlos Sainz who pulled out.

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Video: Verstappen withdraws in Australian GP

Back in the moment Max Verstappen had to put his car along the track due to engine problems. The Dutch driver reported via the onboard radio: “I smell a strange liquid” along with: “Guys, everything is broken!” , said the driver, who was visibly disappointed.

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Video: Verstappen frustrated with the Australian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen is clearly disappointed in front of the camera via play. The Dutchman does not yet know where the problems lie with his car and his team will have to find out: “There is a lot of work to be done…”

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Norris and Russell are playing around during the analysis

Both drivers had a happy Saturday in Melbourne after a difficult start to the season and both men were in a good mood. When Lando Norris and George Russell appeared in front of the camera at the same time Sky Sports When they appeared they couldn’t resist distributing twitching and having fun with each other. “In 13 of 14 corners we’re faster, but in that corner we lose nearly four-tenths of them,” Russell points out to McLaren, after which Norris storms in with a wink. “I have more talent in that corner.”

Stroll and Latifi crash during qualifying in Australia

Lance Stroll and Nicholas Latifi crash during qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix. Latifi let Stroll pass, then tried to do the same with his compatriot in the warm-up, and Stroll forgot to check the mirrors. It’s the end of the playoffs for both men.

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Two Aston Martins in the wall at VT3 Australia

Aston Martin held a dramatic rehearsal to qualify for the 2022 Australian Grand Prix. Both drivers got off the track and damaged the cars. So it remains to be seen if we will see an Aston Martin in action at all during the Saturday afternoon session.

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Perez puts a supercar on the line in Australia

Sergio Perez tested a supercar before the race in Australia. The Mexican had to warm up the tires, but then managed to get a lot faster. Brock Finney, who was driving Perez, smiled a bit nervous when he saw Perez blast through the second sector at full speed.

Verstappen laughs at Perez’s Australian accent

During the challenge to Twitter channel Of Red Bull Racing, Max Verstappen challenged teammate Sergio Perez to do an Australian accent. The Dutchman can’t contain his laughter when the Mexican starts his statement.

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A tour of Albert Park through the eyes of Sainz

Now that the new circuit layout went live for the first time on Friday, the Twitter account From Formula 1 he posted a video in which the scenes are captured through the eyes of Carlos Sainz. Enjoy the Albert Park experience like the drivers do!

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Hamilton jokes with Verstappen about jewelry ban

During the press conference for the Australian Grand Prix this weekend, Lewis Hamilton, who was seated next to Max Verstappen, joked about the ban on jewelry during the racing sessions. He joked some jewelry wasn’t easy to remove: “Well, I have certain holes that I can’t really get out, and a lot of people don’t know about them,” he joked. “I know you have a nipple piercing, Max,” Hamilton said.

Vettel after VT1 on the scooter returns to the pit lane

Sebastian Vettel has wrapped up the first free practice session for the Australian Grand Prix in a special way. He missed the last 10 minutes of practice with an engine problem, and when all his teammates put the cars in the pit lane, he decided to go to his pit box on a moped.

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Canadian road users warned: ‘You’re not Max Verstappen’

Canadian police hilariously warned road users via Twitter not to comply with traffic rules. Motorists in Alberta, Canada, are reminded that they are not Max Verstappen and that they are not in a Formula One circuit: “We’re sorry to put you out of a dream, but Alberta roads are not F1 closed circuits and neither are Max Verstappen. Take it easy, comply with the speed limits and help everyone to return home safely.”

In the Canadian setting there is a breach of multiple traffic rules which is why the Royal Canadian Mounted Police issues a warning. This also applies to Max Verstappen himself, because he also has to abide by the traffic rules outside the circle: “If he doesn’t follow the traffic rules in Alberta, we’ll give him Verstappen.” So the Canadian police are no exception to the Dutchman.

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Alonso and Perez race a supercar race at Melbourne Park

Today, Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez took their seats in the V8 supercars, known from the legendary Bathurst race, to complete the first laps at the new Melbourne Park circuit. Spaniard Thomas Randell Trekford Mustang and Mexican Red Bull Ampoule Racing Triple Eight Commodore. This will be the first time that both drivers will drive a supercar with a V8 engine.

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Verstappen tastes the specialty local sage

Photos posted to Twitter show Max Verstappen a dirty face while tasting the local Australian delicacy “marmite” (also known as vegemite). It is a salty, bitter, dark paste with a uniquely spicy and strong flavour. The extract is a mixture of brewer’s yeast, vegetables, herbs and spices. Judging by the photo on Twitter, the Dutchman is not a fan of these things.

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Verstappen’s favorite Australian ‘animals’

Max Verstappen visited Australia several times due to the annual Formula 1 event in Melbourne. There he, of course, visited the zoo to get acquainted with the local animals. The only question is whether the last photo in the series actually belongs there. Can you classify Verstappen’s old classmate, Daniel Ricciardo, as an animal?

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