Max Verstappen’s secret plan for Zandvoort

Exactly a year and a half after Max Verstappen with good old
Jan Lammers reopened the Zandvoort circuit, and he would pull the rubber off the asphalt. on it 5The In March 2020, Amal Holland led some first-time loopholes on the renewed track which clearly had his approval.

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“I’m very positive,” he said anticipating, “I actually thought it was a very cool circuit, but I think banking (freely translated: ramp, editor) adds a new dimension to it.”

Prince Bernard

The Arena of Zandvoort was revived by Prince Bernhard of Orange. Together with his business partner, he laid out the plan in 2016 to add more luster to the progression of our ‘Max’ by making the circuit, which has not been GP in decades, once again suitable for F1 racing.

To get the job done, circuit builder Jarno Zavelić Spread. With an army of hard workers from his company, Dromo Circuit Design, he overhauled Zandvoort comprehensively. The job entrusted to him, having previously put his teeth in the circles of Imola and Silverstone.


Zaffelli is proud of the job Dromo provided. “I expect a lot of overtaking in Zandvoort. It’s going to be very challenging and great driving. Drivers are more likely to make mistakes here than on other circuits. On a less challenging track, you have less chance of making mistakes and therefore you’ll have less chance to take advantage of a mistake.”

Initially, Zandvoort was an urgent task for Zaffelli that had to be completed in just four months. It had barely been finalized when the aura spread across the world. Like all major events, the Grand Prix had to be postponed. “It was a shame, but safety comes first,” Zaffelli says on

new girlfriend

While the world was sighing under the Corona pandemic, Max had all the time for his new girlfriend Kelly Pique† They could have been a couple since the end of 2020, but the details about that are carefully kept to themselves. This may have something to do with Kelly having previously dated one of Max’s opponents: Daniel Kvyat† Kelly, who was the daughter of a three-time Formula One world champion Nelson Piquet No stranger to digging boxes, he has been in a relationship with Danielle since 2017. Two years later, on July 27, 2019, Kelly gave birth to their daughter, Penelope† This nascent family happiness was disrupted by the separation a few months after the birth of the little girl.

broke down

An established racing website Christmas 2019 reported that the split was a fact, which was only confirmed at the start of 2020. Not much later, Max debuted with Kelly. So painful in this story is perhaps an old wound of Daniel that has been opened again: in 2016 he was promptly replaced at Red Bull by 18-year-old Max.

Daniel is said to have suffered from performance pressures and was unceremoniously demoted to Toro Rosso. With this ‘Red Bull Little Team’ drivers can prepare for the real thing by making as many flying hours as possible. But with Daniel it was different: he was taken from the pioneer and had to make way for Max, who later that year became the youngest Formula One driver to win a Grand Prix…

second violin

Meanwhile, Max is not only happy in love, but also plays. After several tweaks to his race car, it seems that time to play the second violin is a thing of the past. Mercedes no longer has a monopoly on positions 1 and 2 of the podium. Red Bull, whether with Max or his buddy Sergio Perezbecame an adversary to be reckoned with.

With these developments in racing, he is looking forward to the race in Zandvoort in September with added enthusiasm. To avoid traffic congestion in the coastal city, which is equipped with only two access roads, the circuit management invited fans to come by bike or by train.

It shouldn’t spoil the fun. Circuit designer Zaffelli: „I am looking forward to seeing the Dutch fans in the stands. Love it, all those orange enthusiasts. The Dutch will soon be able to say they have something unique with the new track. Something you only see in Holland.”

How do you get there?

Public transport

As is known, the NS station is located within walking distance of the circuit. The platforms have already been extended last year, also increasing the transfer capacity from 4 to 6 trains per hour.

My transportation

Cycling is encouraged. If you come with your own car, you will have to park it in the area. In various locations, such as Velsen, Spaarnwoude and Floriade.

Zandvoort map

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