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videoRed Bull Racing will race this weekend in special colors at the Turkish Grand Prix, what should have been Honda’s home race this weekend at Suzuka. The white and red car is a tribute to Honda, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen engine supplier since 2018.


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06-10-21, 14:47

The Red Bull Racing RB16B by Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will feature white and red, inspired by the legendary Honda RA 272 where American racer Richie Ginter won the company’s first Formula 1 victory at the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix. With the AlphaTauri, the rear wings will feature On the one-word letter あ り が と (arigato), which means “thank you”.

Since launching Red Bull’s partnership with Honda in 2018, the Japanese manufacturer has helped both Red Bull Racing and Alpha Touri reach the podium in Formula 1. With Red Bull Racing, Honda has racked up thirteen wins so far, and AlphaTauri’s home win in Italy in 2020. In total, Red Bull and Honda have so far succeeded in finishing 35 podiums and 11 first places. Verstappen and Perez usually drive a dark blue car, with shades of yellow and orange.

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner said of the outfit selection: “We were all looking forward to giving Japanese Honda fans a chance to celebrate our very successful relationship in Formula 1, back home in Suzuka. With the race falling victim to the pandemic, we couldn’t let the weekend pass without Paying tribute to Honda and its amazing fans by bringing a little bit of its heritage to Istanbul. The color chosen for our cars is a tribute to Honda’s wonderful journey in Formula 1. We hope we can give fans another victory this weekend with these legendary colors.”

Koji Watanabe, Honda Communications Director, added: “Everyone at Honda is deeply disappointed with the cancellation of the Japanese Grand Prix with the reasons behind this decision being fully understood and approved. We particularly wanted to race at Suzuka, as it was our last year in the sport. , at a time when our two teams were doing very well. We also appreciate that the Japanese fans were really looking forward to seeing Honda’s final appearance here and seeing Yuki Tsunoda racing his home. We know that a special livery couldn’t replace what could have been a very exciting weekend We hope that Honda fans around the world, especially those in Japan, will accept this special paint as a token of our appreciation for their continued support over many years.”

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Max Verstappen.
Max Verstappen. © Gathering via Reuters

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