Leemans, Houtzager, Nanning and Veenstra win the KNHS Top Sport youth competition

Photo: Jacqueline van Tartwijk

On Sunday 3 April, the final match of the KNHS Top Sport Youth Competition was held at the National Equestrian Center in Ermelo. Siebe Leemans, Nina Houtzager, Nick Nanning and Hilde Veenstra handed over the championship strips.

Siebe Leemans was the most successful rider in the pony final standings. After the final, the rider from Brabant finished first and second respectively with Lonette from Orchid and Noriego van de Riloo. Lehmanns also received the daily award. With both of his ponies in the jump, he had two irons on fire, but his first lap with Noriego vd Riloo wasn’t the winning stage. “I wanted to try to make a sharper turn in front, but I couldn’t, so I had to hit again. If you don’t try, you don’t know,” Sippy smiles at his father with a slanted eye.

Last season

With his second stage, which Lonette saddled for Orchid, he had a second chance riding a smart, fast lap, which is good for first place. “This is my last season with the ponies, so I would like to compete at the highest level. I regret that my pony time is ending soon, but I am also looking forward to continuing with the horses. Father Quinn and Sebi both agree that the Youth Topsport competition has made beautiful competitions possible.” Very regularly, the lower limits of what you can jump internationally, so you can train well, stay in the rhythm of the competition and know where you stand. We always enjoy going there, and the result is a bonus.”


In the film The Children, Nina Hotsager got the starring tape. With Fonia once again, the daughter of showjumpers Mark Hotsager and Julia Hotsager-Kaiser, she competed in every top five competition last season. In the final, it was still exciting, because she got a bar on the last hurdle of the base course. “I might have closed a bit, but without bad luck the bar could have stayed low. After that it was a bit interesting if I had enough points to win the competition.”

Exciting until the last minute

In the end, Jesse Burkers had the same number of points, but he finished the final behind Nina and thus became second in the final standings. Faye Louise Voss was the only contestant who stayed clear in the final. With no penalty points, she crossed the finish line with both of her horses. With Calgary 56, that was a good result for third place in the final standings. “I wasn’t expecting much from winning,” continues Nina. “But she was very exciting to the end. Fortunately, I can always count on my horse, she is very gentle and always jumps.” National coach Edwin Hugginart could count on a strong kids’ squad next week. In Objlabek, Belgium, competition numbers 1, 2 and 3 represent the Netherlands in an orange coat.


The junior competition was the busiest section of the day, with a total of 23 sets, five pairs were allowed to return to jump. “Milan Morsenkov has proven that he can be faster in the jump today,” says Nick Nanning, winner of the junior competition. Morssinkhof won the award for the day with Checkpoint Chacco, while Nick Nanning took the final win in competition with Bandia. “Bandia is in pretty good shape at this. She cleared the entire competition and in February also jumped for three straight weeks in Spain and put herself through every test, so I am sure she is absolutely ready for next week at Opglabbeek,” says the 15-year-old The old knight who owns Pandya, Willem Greve, is so grateful that he can ride a mare. “It’s great that with a youth competition like this we can measure ourselves against the competition of our time, it motivates you and you also know where you are.”

young riders

Hilde Veenstra also did well during the competition, with both Juniors and Young Riders. With the Beverly, Frisian won both the day’s win and the competition win in the Young Riders class at Ermelo. Hilda has also successfully participated in the KNHS Hartog Trophy. “I always really enjoy driving these competitions. You gain a lot of experience and this is a good preparation, for example, for the upcoming different country competitions. Because now I am 16 years old, I can ride both juniors and junior riders. I had already jumped 1.40m in Beverly ranks before, so it looked good for me and my coaches Natalie van der Meege to see how she would do in the YR class,” says Hilda. The results show that the duo can measure well on the Young Riders level. In the previous tournament matches, the duo won twice and also took second, third and fourth place.

Source: KNHS

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