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Photo: bakery corner.


Holiday and good food like french fries and mayonnaise combine. We know where kids love to have lunch and where fun is in the air.

Benji’s, Baarsjesweg
Dive into this together urban jungle van De Baarsjes and prepare satays, Balinese potatoes, steamed sandwiches with chicken and tropical bowls with frozen fruitSold. Hotspot for adventurous kids. Also branch in New West.

Neighbor de Wee, Wet de Withstrat
A neighborhood pizzeria in De Baarsjes that steals the heart of every visitor – big and small. For the kids there is one special pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. But they may roar in unison that they want one of the many pizzas and order the tiramisu for dessert. In the most beautiful Buurman van West, you can have lunch only on weekends.

Amsterdam cafe and restaurant, Watertorenplein
Plenty of space, happy staff, lots of coloring pages and a menu full of kid-friendly options like burgers, French toast, croquettes, pancakes and Kinder Surprise eggs. In short: it’s always a party at this institute in Westerpark.

Bakery Corner, Koningin Wilhelminaplein
post girly girly Tent At Slotervaart, imagine yourself in a crazy wa-wa-wa dream, where unicorns and My Little Ponies can pass at any time. stacks red velvet cake With fruit, beet burger sandwiches, acai bowls, strawberry milkshake with cotton candy. Everything is so colorful including it. But Pink Hot Chocolate Freak is the best: hot pink chocolate milk, whipped cream, donut and marshmallow fluff.

The Bakery Shop, Polonceaukade
One of the pieces of art in the always vibrant Westerpark. The tastiest quiches, scones, croissants and pies – apple pie, walnut and caramel pie – sparkle under the high ceiling, and the racks of mino bread are endless. Toppings are also a must: Roald chicken with mango salsa, hummus, aged cheese with lettuce, tomato and mustard mayonnaise.

Gibraltar, Harlemmerveg
In this playground, children can swing and climb endlessly. In the cafe you can order coffee / tea, fresh juices and small plates. At least when the salon is open from Thursday to Saturday.

Italian Bosboom Toussaintstraat
Delicious pasta, especially pizza, pizza and pizza. From ortolana (tomatoes, bell peppers, artichokes, onions, grilled vegetables) to burrata avomicata (tomatoes, mozzarella, smoked burrata, eggplant, Grana Padano, tomatoes, basil oil). Every bite of pizza is worth its weight in gold. This classic restaurant in Oud-West serves brunch only on weekends.

Dignita, Spaarndammerstraat
The all-day brunch at this restaurant in Westerpark is something to write home about. Not only delicious, but also a feast for the eyes. whether you Pumpkin pie pancakes Late, broccoli, chickpea, feta or cheesecake with speculoos and caramel.

Fodalin, belamybelline
If there’s any place to choose from, it’s in the holy Mecca of Oud-West. Mini tarts, fried chicken, sushi, hot dog, frozen yogurt bitterballen. Experiment: What would your children choose if you gave them carte blanche?

Fruit Garden of the West, Tom Scheursweg
A piece of countryside in the city, including an orchard of 6.5 hectares. If there is something to be harvested, you can pick yourself up for a pittance. Huge hens roam freely in this Nieuw-West complex, dogs sniff each other and children run from place to place. French toast and apple pie are served at the Garden Café. Sandwiches with homemade hummus and tapinade nut and egg salad are plentiful as well, great with simmering seasonal soup.

The Wing, Van Beuningen Plein
A very sympathetic store in Westerpark in the middle of a square where children can enjoy their “things”: cycling, skating and dancing. Parents can monitor them from behind the windows of Het Paviljoen. Kids are drawn to toasted sandwiches, chocolate sprinkles, apple pie, pancakes or burgers.

Kim local, Wachterliedplantsoen
There is plenty to experience and eat at this new green kids’ café in BoLo. “Mixer bike,” studying the starry sky in the planetarium. Everything is possible here. To dampen the appetite, there are lunch dishes with spices from the garden, including a sandwich with hazelnut spread, made with a little nutmeg. Open on Wednesdays (9.30am-4.30pm) and Sundays (from 12:30pm).

Mr. Howard and Mrs. Rosa’s Children’s CaféWillem de Zweigerlan
Tuesday through Saturday (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) Kids have plenty of space at this place in BoLo. Once a month there is a dance at the children’s disco. Sunday lunches are sold cheap. You can always go there for coffee or tea. How about lunch? Follow the Facebook page! The owners are so creative that they will most likely come up with all kinds of things.

Moak Pancakes, De Clercqstraat
This was the case in Oud-West Formerly known as Mook And it still guarantees the cutest and tastiest pancake party in town. although pancakes Made with healthy ingredients like organic buckwheat flour, they definitely don’t yawn. For moms and dads there’s Golddigger with melted chocolate and gold leaf. The offspring can be fed pancakes with dates, bananas, honey, walnuts and grated coconut.

Molly’s Arena pop-up, Jan Evertsenstraat
The huge arcade hall in Nieuw-West will open later in the year, but until then you can already sample food from Molly’s Arena in De Baarsjes. It is not surprising that the pop-up is very popular among all these Japanese fluffy pancakeson the list. The crew serves this beauty Including cotton candy, marshmallows, whipped cream and a golden chocolate cone.

Staring at Jacob, Jacob van Linbekade
Jacob pretty much invented “naughty food”On the list:Banana bread french toastWith fruit and maple syrup, shrimp tacos and – best of all – fried chicken waffles and scrambled eggs with maple syrup. A classic in Oud-West.

Terrasmus, Erasmus Garden
Sit in the garden first and then relax with Tony Chocolonely hot chocolate and lemon-coconut cake, American pancakes With fruit and maple syrup, a cinnamon roll or a sandwich with Turkish sausage and ripe cheese. One of my BoLo favourites.

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