Is your relationship in a rut? These 20 Ideas for a Help Date

Do you notice that you and your partner are lounging on the sofa every night watching the show? Your relationship can definitely be refreshed to go on a special date. From playing a tourist in your city to spending the night in a luxury hotel: we’ve rounded up twenty fun date ideas. Ready. several. Date


Are you love birds You just met, or have you been in a relationship for years? It’s always hard to come up with a good idea for a date. To keep you from lounging on the couch every night, we’ve listed twenty ideas for you. Have fun

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1. Play the tourist in your village / city. There may be places in (near) your hometown that you haven’t visited yet. For example, drive along this beautiful street or that cozy pub. A new environment that works wonders!

2. Try a new recipe together. Even if you don’t like cooking, this is a good idea. You can chat while preparing the meal and the result of your cooperation is innovative anyway.

3. Organize an outing. The weather in Holland doesn’t always allow it, but on a sunny day a picnic is definitely nice. Grab a rug, several snacks and some drinks, and settle down on the lawn you don’t visit often. The ideal situation to clarify conversations with each other.

4. Go to a new restaurant. Chances are that when you eat out, you often go to the same restaurants. By trying something completely different, you may discover a new favorite!

5. Build a campfire. Check out where you are allowed to do all this, because you don’t want to cause any problems. The campfire is warm and cozy and invites you to an evening full of good conversations.

6. Try new beauty products together. If your partner likes it too, it’s a good idea to try new face masks and other care products together. Soothing music in the background, nice thick bathrobe and totally relaxing together.

7. Learn a new skill together. We already mentioned a new recipe above, but you can also sign up for dance lessons, for example. Or learn more about photography, sports or nature together.

8. Browse old photo albums. It always works: looking at old photos together. You can look at each other’s childhood photos, but you can also look at vacation photos together. Guaranteed craving!

9. Go to a nightclub show. Laughing together is a recipe for breaking a routine. It would be very interesting if you went to a show for a comedian that you don’t know very well yet. Let yourself be surprised!

10. Stay out the door. Whether you go to a luxury hotel or a cute bed and breakfast: a new sleeping environment that works wonders for your relationship. Even if it’s only for one night, you’ll really feel like getting away from it all.

11. Visit the karaoke bar. A karaoke bar is a great idea for people who can sing as well as for people whose singing skills leave something to be desired. Playing along with your favorite songs is sure to be a lot of fun.

12. Make a puzzle together. This activity takes time, cooperation and patience, but the result is impressive. The bigger the puzzle, the longer it takes to work on it and have fun together.

13. Picking out books for each other in the library or library. Do you love to read, but do you always choose books of a consistent type? By letting each other choose the title, you can only discover a new favorite book or literary genre.

14. Write a love letter to the other person. A message can convey what you sometimes cannot say in real life. Take your time and write to each other a long letter describing what you love about each other. Gives mutual appreciation and extra sense of love!

15. Rent a boat and get out. Not afraid of water? Then this is a nice idea for a sunny day. To be able to sail in a boat, you have to work well together. In the meantime, you will see all kinds of beauties passing by the waterfront. A day of fun guaranteed.

16. Compilation of playlist. Spend a night out and browse Spotify for your best songs. This way you can create a private playlist that is just for you. It’s fun to listen to when you’re not around each other.

17. Watch the sunset. The golden hour is often a great time for a walk outdoors. Take a moment together and find a place where you can best see the beautiful scenery. An easy way to spend a very romantic moment together!

18. Order each other’s meal. Like choosing one book over another, this is a good way to discover something new. Perhaps your partner chooses a meal that you hadn’t thought of before, but which turned out to be very tasty.

19. Find your family trees. Today there are many sites where you can view your family tree. By doing this together, you will instantly get to know more about each other. Who knows, your partner is descended from a famous person!

20. Make a bucket list. Sit together and name everything you still want to do with your partner. Perhaps one of you will come up with an idea that the other has already thought of. It is also possible that all kinds of new ideas will emerge. This way you have a lot to look forward to together!

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