“I thought I had closed this toxic chapter until I talked to a friend about her relationship. Then I realized what had happened”

I got rid of Stromae off the top of the Flemish charts, with a text that was on paper within an hour. In exchange for three Snickers and Kinder Bueno, a radio DJ helped her. “My current boyfriend thinks twice before sitting down with me,” says MEAU (21).

Gunther van Ash

MEAU sings in its big hit “You did that” “You hurt me, from the pain of your sinking actions”. A song that has already been streamed 40 million times on Spotify, despite it being recorded in her living room with “a rickety, cheap mic,” as she puts it. They’re bitter words you’d rather never hear, even though they go on like sweet cake on the radio.

Meau Hewitt is 21 years old, but he seems to have already lived an insanely turbulent love life: “I’d kill to forget your words, because that strange feeling that started at the time, never went away and you did. ”It seems in another place to hit it.

What a difference with the elegant MEAU with a generous smile and a smile we meet at Tivoli in Utrecht. She goes there in the evenings to watch BLØF, which put her on the path to success. “I’m much happier because of the couch, but this song is the result of a process. It was never my intention to connect with my ex-boyfriend on this script, but I think he knows somewhere that it’s about him. Now that the song is such a hit, I realize sometimes How deep are the lyrics. But I can handle it. And my ex? Haha, he’s definitely on his way.” (He laughs)

Snickers and a Kinder Bueno: This was the salary of her first radio promoter, Timur Perlin, a DJ radio operator at 3FM. In 2020, she released her first song “Kalmaty”. But MEAU found that a plug-in, anyone trying to get your song on the radio, quickly costs about a thousand euros.

‘Because I hardly get any response to emails, I thought: I’ll just call to ask if I can come and connect myself. When I finally had someone on the line, it turns out I was on Timur’s broadcast live.’ He said, ‘You know what,’ I’m going to rotate it and then become your assistant. Not for a thousand euros, but for three Snickers and Kinder Bueno. Good deal, especially because he also confirmed that “Kalmte” can be heard by other DJs on 3FM and on Radio 2. That phone call changed my life.”

I try not to read the news every day, or your whole head will explode. Sometimes it’s best to pitch your tent in your head.Statue of Rebecca Fertinel

MEAU isn’t shy about the big words in her introverted songs. Sometimes it is difficult for her to translate these words and emotions onto the stage. “I still get goosebumps when I sing some lyrics. Definitely ‘I did it.’ At first I was always so moved when I sang that song. I was scared for a moment: the bigger the audience, the more emotions.

“But it works the other way around. It helps to stay close to reality. You’re more likely to think: ‘Oh my God, everyone sings my song’ rather than thinking about the weight of the words. Suddenly it’s their song, not just mine. I would cry sometimes at the bridge and then I had to catch my breath again. Fortunately, that was gone.”

billie eilish

Being so cute in her own work can be considered a miracle, also because most MEAU songs aren’t really light-hearted. I think they always convey a positive message. But I also have a dramatic side, and this usually comes into play when I write. When I get anxious in bed it’s usually about trivial things, but the weight of everything that’s going on in the world really sinks in with me. That’s why I try not to read all the news every day. Otherwise, your whole head will explode. Sometimes it is better to go camping in your head and pitch your tent there.”

Billie Eilish played a large role in setting up her main tent. The song “Happier Than Ever” even inspired MEAU for the part of “You Did That.” When the song ended, she seemed to be missing something. I wrote the bridge with the angry part of ‘Happier than Ever’ in my head. I think it’s great with artists that they dare to make it personal, as Eilish does. It helped me cross the threshold.

“I’m also a big fan of Eefje de Visser. Normally I have no idea what she’s talking about, but the feeling is always immediate. She touches me. In the same way I try to write the lyrics. I rarely listen to the lyrics myself. The atmosphere, the sound and the production determine whether I had a song close to my heart. But it’s true that Eefje uses words so poetically that the sounds, the atmosphere and the content can totally frustrate you. I hope one day I’ll be fine. I’m also not very socially minded, but if I can help people A little bit, that’s cool. Then I’ll be fine, I guess.”


• Full name: Meau Hewitt • Born on May 10, 2000 in Blaricum (NL) • Supporting Suzan & Freek, Racoon and BLØF • Breaking through thanks to the single “Dat je doen” via TikTok and 3 FM • Her music is inspired by Eefje de Visser, Raccoon and Rey X, Angus, and Julia Stone Was part of the children’s choir for children from eight to eleven years old He often sang in supporting choirs from the age of fourteen, including in All you need is love and in Holland sound

It looks like it’s just coming to whistle, but in reality, Meau Hewitt has been working on it for much longer. Kids attended for children from eight to eleven years old. Later she often sang in supporting choirs, including with All you need is love And Holland sound

But she doubted a musical career for a long time. “When I was seventeen and eighteen and had just moved to Amsterdam, I would go out pretty hard every night. I really enjoy writing when I’m sad, but I’m actually happy. Do you understand? Happy people don’t have stories, but if I’m really unhappy, I won’t. Something comes out. It’s weird sometimes for people to know such personal information about you, but that’s part of it, right? Should I just get used to it? And my next boyfriend too. He’ll think twice before he takes me. No, I’m just joking: I think my relationship The new one will be fine.”

“Shit” has to stay

However, the previous relationship went very wrong: “He made my friends talk bad about me, until I became insecure and trusted him even more. It was really a case of manipulating him hoping he was the only person in my life.”

The “I did it” text was on paper within an hour and had to be removed. I thought I had closed this toxic chapter until I talked to a friend about her toxic relationship. Only then did I realize what had happened.

“Kids sometimes sing along to my song, which is very funny,” MEAU says. “That’s why a radio station actually asked me to make a version without the word ‘shit’ in it, or else they wouldn’t play it. But we refused and they still put it in their playlist.”

Since that song, things have gone really fast for MEAU. or not? “I don’t think it went too fast. I released an EP, and only then did it score a hit. I don’t think it should have happened for a few years. I’m always thinking: Come on.” (He laughs) I also fully realize that everything could be completely different in a couple of years. I like that my music is welcomed with open arms, even though the music industry is relentless. If he stops, I’ll come to terms with that. But now I fully absorb everything.”

Anyway, she shows a great deal of maturity in her songs. In “Older” she sings: “I’m empty of all the screaming, which I’ve never heard/But maybe that’s what you’ll be when you get older.” “When I sing a song, I just get that feeling. You can worry about anything. I’m often better at worrying than sleeping. For example, I find it hard for society to split into two camps because of Corona, so that we don’t find each other.” Social media feeds my fears because opinions overwhelm me. In ‘Parent’ I look back nostalgically to my childhood, when I teetered on carefree life.”

“Ghent is very beautiful. The city feels like home.Statue of Rebecca Fertinel

MEAU grew up with her brother in Weesp. Both parents are into fashion. There was no music in the house, but her father often listened to the Queen. And mother? She really only listens to her daughter’s music. Hewitt’s grandfather, from the Surinamese side of her family, played in countless orchestras and played almost every instrument. Perhaps the love of music passed on to her in this way. Anyway, it soon became apparent that Mo Hewitt was leaping into a musical career.

Ghent apartment

After the songs “Kalmte” – passionately shared by the famous Dutch who also embraced in the meantime – and “Weet”, “Afsluit” appeared at the beginning of 2021, putting an end to a broken connection. Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driving License” version fits that song perfectly. “Her lyrics, melody, and production are so amazing. I’m a huge fan.”

However there was a greater impact. “I remember very well that a year before I became a member of Children for Children, I went to a concert for that choir in the Arena. With my mother. Suddenly I told her very firmly, ‘I will be there next year too.’ I have been taking singing lessons since I was in I’m five years old and my teacher also thought that kids for kids’ sake is something for me.”

In the end she never sang in the arena. “But I was already accepted into the choir. That was great! My own songs were ‘Snoepje’ from 2010 and ‘Jongensmeid’ from 2011. The last one was about a girl who doesn’t like traditional feminine things. I was like that kind of person, so I sang that With great conviction.”

Mo of course is not a typical girl’s name. And Hewitt owes it to her mother. Her father’s last name – Balt – did not sound pretty. “I will not immediately include Suriname culture in my music, but I like it. I am also interested in Cuban music, but I will not give my life for it.”

There are many people for whom De Grote Stilstand wasn’t kind, but for MEAU, the closure came at an opportune time. “I was in my second year at Herman Brood Academy (Training in the Music Industry, ed.) and I kind of lost my interest in making music outside of school. I preferred to fill evenings with parties and outings. But when it all stopped, she calmed down, too. This gave my feelings the upper hand. Everything that happened to nice things, but also dirty things, was given a place. Suddenly I was able to write about it. This is how, among other things, I “did it” into being.

What will the future look like? This is also a big mystery for MEAU. But a new life in Ghent suits her perfectly. “Ghent is so beautiful. The city feels like home. It’s so beautiful there, and there’s a feeling we know, even if you don’t know a cat there. The Hot Club, a little jazz bar, where I sit drinking beer. What does it have to do with Utrecht? Nothing, but it would be My dream is to buy a house in Utrecht and a second apartment in Ghent. This seems like an ideal life to me.”

MEAU will play at AB Club on June 3. This offer has been sold. In the summer, she also plays in Lokerse Feesten and Pukkelpop.

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