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videoJeffrey Epstein can no longer appear in court, but the woman who helped him, according to justice, recruit abused girls, must answer the charges today.

Carleen van Hollingen

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11/29/21, 10:37

According to American Justice, Ghislaine Maxwell (59) played a significant role in years of abuse of underage girls by the late Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy businessman and friend of the rich and powerful in the land.

Today, her trial begins with testimonies from the prosecution and her lawyer. The case revolves around four underage girls who were allegedly handed over to Epstein by Maxwell in the 1990s. The youngest was 14 years old. She also allegedly lied about it under oath. She could face up to 80 years in prison.

Maxwell is the daughter of a fraudulent British media mogul. She was in New York a well-known personality and has many friends and relationships. She was in a relationship with Epstein for a while and later pursued his agenda as a confidant. She allegedly presented herself to his victims as a trusted friend who went shopping and cinema.

Jessalyn Maxwell in 2013 in New York and Jeffrey Epstein in 2019, having just been arrested. © AFP


She lured the girls into a “trap” she set with Epstein, according to Justice. Ultimately, she would have been present when Epstein performed sexual acts. Maxwell vehemently denies it. “I have not committed crimes,” she said in court this month.

Epstein faced 45 years in prison, but was found dead in his cell in 2019. The coroner concluded that he had committed suicide. The prison staff should have closely monitored him due to the risk of suicide, but they failed to do so.

One of the big questions is what Maxwell has to say in court. She could have cleared up many of the mysteries surrounding Epstein’s abuse. How can it last for so long? Who are the influential friends who played a role? How did he get so rich? Does Epstein actually possess a collection of CCTV footage to blackmail his high-profile acquaintances, as the victims have stated?

Those are the questions prosecutors in Maxwell’s case won’t address, according to insiders. “They’re not chasing Epstein’s money. If that’s what you want answers to, you’ll be very disappointed,” said an anonymous source close to the case. Vanity Fair

It does not appear that Maxwell himself intends to clean up, but above all question the credibility of the victims. She calls witnesses who specialize in false memories of sexual assault. Elizabeth Loftus, a professor of psychology, has also spoken about this in cases against other prominent sex offenders, such as film producer Harvey Weinstein. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

A court drawing of Ghislaine Maxwell earlier this month.
A court drawing of Ghislaine Maxwell earlier this month. © Reuters


One of the most discussed clues in this process is the address book, which contains hundreds of names. It also contains the contact details of Epstein’s powerful acquaintances, including Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and the wealthy founder of Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand, Leslie Wexner.

Prosecutors announced that they would call witnesses to prove that the book was indeed by Maxwell. They say the pamphlet contains “compelling evidence” that she knew at least some of the girls were minors.

British Prince Andrew.
British Prince Andrew. © AP

The woman who claims Epstein forced her to have sex with Virginia Joffrey, Britain’s Prince Andrew, is not part of this trial. Maxwell has been described as “the lady” who recruited girls for Epstein. But Joffrey’s testimony is a danger to justice, because the details in the story she published were previously incorrect. She says she simply misspelled her age. But experts believe that lawyers could use that to exonerate Maxwell.

Her defense team believes that Justice is wrongly using Maxwell as Epstein’s deputy, as he can no longer appear in court. Her brother and sisters sent a complaint to the United Nations. “It is as if Ghislaine Maxwell is suffering the consequences of the failure of the US authorities to keep Jeffrey Epstein alive and to stand trial.”

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