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VELDHOVEN / EINDHOVEN Taking good care of your breasts means taking good care of yourself, and that is the gist of the book that Claudia van Het Carr and Isabel Timmers of Eindhoven will present on Saturday 19 March. BOOBs, a Book Open About Breasts provides a comprehensive view of breasts and is not just about appearance, but also about “the inside”: how women experience their breasts.

“Breasts touch on many themes of women: femininity and motherhood, but also sexuality, health and self-esteem. I find that very fascinating,” says Claudia van Het Carr. In 2014, she founded Centrum Voor Women in Eindhoven, a place where women meet, among other things, for workshops on women’s topics and women’s circles.

“In 2015, we organized a workshop on breast health and a women’s seminar on the topic of breast. There was a lot of recognition. The next day I spontaneously decided to write a book on the subject.” Within two years, Van Het Carr had interviewed thirty women. Some of them are in this book, and a book with all the interviews will be published in the fall.” About the same time I dealt with breast tissue therapies I also developed a breast view myself. In the time of Corona I really sat down to record it.”

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Isabel Timers is a scriptwriter and coach at Valley. She helps women orgasm in the valley; A technique for directing sexual energy. As a co-author she brought her own contribution from that vision. “Claudia is the mother of the book, you can see me as a midwife,” she says.


Every woman has a love-hate relationship with her breasts. Some love more than others

Claudia from the card

With the book, Van Het Kar wants to offer a different view of the medical one, even though breast health is part of the book. “In our culture, breast health is this: going to the 50-year-old population screening and wearing a bra especially, otherwise your breasts will droop. There is nothing wrong with this artistic point of view, but I think sometimes there can be more inspiration in it. There So much going on around breasts Every woman has a love-hate relationship with them Some love more than others Our cultural view of breasts is also sexual We are overwhelmed by images of large, full, round grapefruit boobs magically gripping themselves These are the images women compare their breasts to. I think seventy or eighty percent of women don’t like their breasts. How does that affect a woman?”

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BOOBs book cover © Mary Brommer

Timers: Chests are heavily loaded. You can easily hit your arm in company, but it is very strange to do it on my chest. On the other hand, we have learned to walk gently. “Breasts out, lips stuck out,” that story. On the other hand, there are many women and girls who do not want to be seen and therefore start wearing large loose fitting jackets. Breasts are not from the outside world, but they are yours. ”

For some, they are from the Church

Van Het Carr: There’s still something wrong with the breasts that makes everyone think: I have them. Except for the woman herself. They are temptations to your partner, if you breastfeed, they belong to your child, and if you get sick, they belong to the doctor, and to some, they belong to the church because they are not allowed to show their cleavage.”

In conjunction with the book, an online program with nine modules with theory, interviews, the experience of other women, reflections, insights, and tips for getting started on your own will also be published. The program is available at valley.online/borsten.

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