Bo on Midi: Mama gets to know new songs through me

Midi and Boo.Eva Beliver Statue

Medi Brockmann (40)

“Being a mother of two, a man’s house suits me, although sometimes I feel like I’m sitting at the table with three other planets. Especially if I’ve been wanting to talk about feelings for a long time, there’s little patience for that. Clarity is key to communication.”

Bo has a lot of energy and plans and always wants to get everything done right away. So far we’ve been brought up quite intuitively, which fits perfectly with who we are. I think it’s important for boys to feel free to be who they want to be. They are both very creative and openly share what they think about things, which makes me happy.

However, I now notice that they need more structure, precisely because of our hectic lives. I’m even considering buying a whiteboard to illustrate everything. Being organized doesn’t come naturally to me, but I’ve noticed that it’s important to them.

My father and I both work in the world of cinema and there is little certainty there; Queen is now traveling abroad for five weeks to see the movie Stromboli to turn around. I notice that they are finding it more difficult to miss their dad for a long time, especially after the corona period we were four of us. I will be doing a lot of fun things with them in the coming weeks, including one on one.

The past two and a half years have been difficult for us as a family. First my father passed away and four weeks ago Quinn’s mother passed away. We talk about it a lot together. Poe in particular asks specific questions like, “When are we going to dig up Grandpa with the big shovel?” He inherited one of his grandmother’s plants. Then he transformed his room into a jungle, with the plant and his cuddly monkeys and parrots on the ceiling and a blue rag on the floor like water.

He loves building with Lego, doing crafts and drawing. We used to go to one of the great museums for swimming lessons for young children in Zuiderbad.

Bo always has to put in a lot of energy, he loves to play outside and has friends around. I also grew up in Amsterdam, and went to the same primary school as Poe and Noah. The city has been a lot more crowded since then, and it’s a lot less free now than it was when I was young. Sometimes I feel bad for them. Fortunately, we also have a caravan in Bakkum, where they can always play safely outside.”

Bo Struve (7)

“Because Dad is going to be away so long for the shoot, we’re going to celebrate my 7th birthday early, so we can all be together. I’ve already gotten some ‘pre-gifts’ like new Beyblades. I often go to Beyblades with my mom, but she’s not very good at it.” My brother does it, he’s really a professional.

I take drum lessons and listen to a lot of music, and I have an electric drum kit in my room. Mama learns new songs through me, like Ronnie Flex, Masked Wolf and Travis Scott. I listen to her old songs again, Cotton Joe eyes I think it’s a funny song.

Sometimes we have Mama and Boo’s day, we all do the things I love: watch cartoons together on the projector using the movie screen or bake or cook something. For my birthday, we’ll bake three pies with the apples I picked during fall vacation in the Gardens of the West.

During the holidays we went to Cinkid, especially Medialab which was very nice. I was also at the Rijksmuseum, I was allowed to go with a friend. There I saw night watchThis is my favorite painting because it has men with swords on it. When I was five years old, I drew a painting night watch

Mama is not very strict, she believes that it is important that we always eat at the table together, that we sit for a while and do not wake up between them, but I do not like sitting still. That is why I play tennis now in Kattenlaantje.

Noah and I love to play games, but because we’ve been arguing about it, we are now only allowed an hour on the weekend. Then we have to start and stop again at the exact same time and now we’re arguing less.

I love games, but I also play outside; Especially catching frogs in Bakkum, making a slow motion movie and then releasing them again. Or I’ll play with friends in the nearby arena.

When I’m older, I can go there on my own, but now my mom comes with me. If I’m not sure what to do, I’ll throw it with a roller or loose hood from my coat. Or we play the capitals game. Recently in class we also went to guess capitals and then I knew most of them. Even more adults than group 5! Medi Brockman (40), screenwriter and actress Medi Brockman (40), screenwriter and actress

Queen Struff (41) Cinematography
Noah Struve (10) Group VII The Fourteenth Montessori School de Jordaan
Bo Struve (7) The fourth group, the Fourteenth Montessori School, de Jordaan

The family lives in a house in the West.

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