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Today, sex education takes place almost entirely in school. Just a classic. It doesn’t matter whether you’re ready or not, whether you like it or not. sense of information. Even starting with this information in kindergarten is seriously considered. And to do this immediately, we are no longer just talking about direct sex, but about sex in all its forms.

From now on, young children should also be treated in a gender-neutral manner. Because imagine that the child later finds out that he was initially set on the wrong track. Then the child should come out of the closet. We don’t want that. He should not, under any circumstances, remain in his supposedly secure government. In fact, it is also right that young men, much earlier, are forced to have sex with their noses. Young people have sex with each other early and early.

If, as a 12-year-old, you just can’t bend over after a rich and colorful sexual past, you don’t really count. So you are a “loser”. Sex education today is so in-depth that a 10-year-old boy from the suburbs of Staphorst now knows the entire “vaginal system” inside and out and discusses it as if it were about the weather. Many members of the female sex have contributed greatly to the demystification of their once secret sexual organs. As a result, the member lost a great deal of adventure and charm.

I’ve heard from serious sources that many women, online, shamelessly draw attention to their intimate zone. These women even go so far as to allow a selfie, along with an accurate picture of their vagina, to go viral. This display has become so well-established and is conducted so widely that it is expected that it will soon be easier for a customs officer to identify some women on the basis of an image of a vagina rather than a face..

On a VARA talk show, where one should in principle have nothing to do with a Telegraaf-like entertainment and very fond of art, a Japanese girl once appeared, who pretended to be an artist. After the girl was asked to perform her trick, she took off her panties. As she lifted her skirt a little, she turned back in her seat, closed her eyes, and stuffed a handful of fresh mud between her thighs, facing Holland watching TV. The end result of this “artwork” was a subtle imprint of her waxed sexiness. After the Japanese put on her panties again and the act was over, as expected, the replica was deposited on an oak plank. The presented result was greeted with loud applause and from that moment on it was classified as art.

Look, this girl enjoys mud of course I don’t have a problem with that. For my part, she turned an entire mountain of clay into art this way. Nor do I want to deny her the ecstasy of those millions of eyes that wander unimpeded in her little paradise. But what bothers me is that we get a painting served at dinner time. If you can assume that young and old watch TV. Since the time sex became such a focus for me, I can remember having a wonderful feeling of goosebumps whenever a girl approached me or touched me.

When I was about 14, I started to really care about girls. Especially for those parts of their bodies in which they differed from boys. At that time I managed to get some magazines with black and white pictures of nude women. I found those papers near me in the trash of a professor of human topographical anatomy. The idea that you could make a living studying nude images of female beauty as a professor really attracted me. I thought it was Swedish papers. In Sweden at that time they were free to think when it came to sex. The ladies shown were without exception the blond types, sporting a Germanic look. They were very similar to the women who once tried our eastern neighbors with the goal of breeding a superior variety. The women who all started out were so sexy that I think it wasn’t hard to find male volunteers to get them pregnant at the time. Even though they were nude photos, you can’t see the details you can see in selfies these days. All the women on site were equipped with a decent portion of pubic hair. For me and my friends, these papers were a precious property. But no one dared to keep them at home. That’s why we buried the leaves in a box somewhere in the garden. The treasure chest remained underground until the next anatomical discussion. The contents of the secret box were a huge step forward for my group of friends in solving the sexual puzzle. (Follow)

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