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The County of Drenthe wants to build a Transvium near the A28 in De Pont. Highway entrances and exits will also be moved for this purpose. The working group www.transferium-nee.nl opposes the plans for two reasons. The project destroys the flora and fauna of this area along the Drentse Aa, moreover, the project is considered useless, because there is already a Transvium (Haren) five minutes away. According to Eric Bazwin of Transferium-Nee, the chance appears to have increased because the municipality of Tynaarlo, which has the final say, will still vote against it.

Bazwin points to the new composition of the city council after the March 16 elections. “It is true that the expected majority in Tynaarlo is now against the transvium,” he says.
Only CU was in favor and the question is whether they want to join the new coalition and take this for granted. But adjusting entries and exits is still uncertain.” With that last note, Bazwin means he’s not sure if canceling the transvium would automatically mean that rebuilding entrances and exits is out of the way as well. Then Drenthe County will have to make a decision on this. Bazwin: Does Will they cancel everything or will the downhill modifications continue?
We asked experts for advice on the condition of the traffic and they don’t see the plans as an improvement.
The RWS didn’t want this whole plan, but they agreed because the county pays for everything.”

As far as Eric Bazwin is concerned, Reconstruction must also be abandoned. He submitted a WOB application to Drenthe County, because he had serious doubts about the nature research the county had (or had not) done to justify these plans. In short, the chances of this plan seem to have been somewhat diminished by the election results. To continue in the council room in the municipality of Tinarlo.

Background on this topic

Erik Bazuin from Glimmen does not want to sit back and watch how a large piece of nature reserve near Glimmen is destroyed by (in his opinion) unnecessary transvium in De Punt. Between the Total and the motorway, there will be a car park, a building with a parking area and a bike shed. There is also a bus stop. According to Bazuin, redesigning the access and exit ramps of the A28 would infringe on a valuable nature reserve on the banks of the Drentse Aa, according to Bazuin. In collaboration with Sylvie Westerhof of Tynarlo, he started the lobby “Transferium De Punt: no”. There is an online petition that has already been signed more than 1,700 times and the counter is rising. what is going on?

The ideas of Transvium in De Pont have been alive since 2013. In 2017, the province of Drenthe and the municipality of Tinarlo finally made the decision in principle that this should indeed continue. The intent is to build a transvium (car park) along the A28 in De Ponts, diagonally behind the Total. It costs about 17 million euros. There is room for 200 cars and can be expanded to 400 cars. To make space for this expansion, the exit and ramp A28 will be moved from the north (between the motorway and the canal). The map shows this. Both plans are incomprehensible and unacceptable to Bazuin and Westerhof. They point to Tranvilium in Haren, just a few minutes’ drive from De Pont.

Feed for birds and mammals
Aside from the lack of necessity, Eric Bazwin is deeply concerned about the damage done to the flora and fauna of this area. According to him, natural life is rarely mentioned in planning and planners use old numbers. That is why he himself is mapping plants and animals. According to him, there are dozens of species of birds, including kingfishers and myrrh. But it is also home to otters, cactus seals, beaver, cottontail, and seals. According to him, all this life would be destroyed if the “unnecessary transvium” had already been built.

natural history
Bazwin and Westerhof also put forward historical arguments to torpedo the plans. They point to a critical analysis through the construction of historian Jim Klinger. Politics in Tynaarlo Municipality is not unanimously positive about the project. Notable proponents of Transvium are D66 and VVD, according to Eric Bazwin. Striking opponents are GroenLinks, PvdA, and two local parties.

Why is this necessary?
Drenthe County explains why the project is desirable: “Drenthe focuses on road safety and accessibility. The way of travel is changing. Now we often travel directly. In the future, travel will be more via transit sites. There you choose what works for you: bus or car (shared) Or an e-bike for example. To make this possible, we create places of transport around cities, called hubs. This allows travelers to reach their destination intelligently and quickly. Transferium De Punt will become a hub where different modes of transport meet. Cars from the A28 and N34 come with buses from The region. From Drenthe you can travel quickly and comfortably from Transferium De Punt. This way we connect the region to the city now and in the future. It is a link in your journey; no matter what mode of transport, where you leave or your final destination.”

Signing the petition?
The petition, which Bazuin and Westerhof are promoting on a professional website, is signed daily and when Glimmer’lei went to post, the counter was over 1,700 times. Before Tynaarlo Municipality approves the zoning plan, they want to show the municipality that there is no backing. If you would like to read the story of the objectors and sign the petition, you can visit: https://transferium-nee.nl. If you would like to read the explanation of the province, visit: www.provincie.drenthe.nl (search term: transferium de punt).

Here is the plan. Below south. The motorway passes here over Groningerstraat, left in the direction of De Punt.

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