“We have four kids, so there’s always something”

Mariki: „I am building an integrated care center. Initially I did it in addition to my job as a gastroenterologist, night shift and hard working guy. I was allowed to submit the plan to a health insurance company and then Covid came: the money tap was closed. This cut it. Damn I thought. We went to video calls with patients. My energy was leaking.”

taco: “After your mother passed away, I had a very hard time.”

Mariki: “While caring for my mother, I remembered that we are so much more than our physical body. The body, the physical pain, is often the entrance, but usually there is something completely different underneath, like trauma or childhood pain. I began to meditate.” “Spirituality” is a difficult word To me, it seems like you put yourself above the rest, when we are all spirit beings. It was a period of transition.”

taco: “As an MDL doctor, she didn’t like turning to an internist at first. She wanted to do the real thing. I always jokingly called her a plumber.”

Mariki: “When I was still working in the hospital, there was already a group of people with chronic complaints that we couldn’t help properly – IBS patients, for example. Now I’ve learned interventions like hypnosis and regression, with which you can open the gate To the basic complaint. People often come up with the solution themselves, but as a doctor you also have to be open about it.”

taco: “I’ve always had business. Back in our college days, I did light and sound for parties. In 2004 I left the company I was running with two friends, Sunshower. Shortly thereafter, an electric bike company plan was formed. I set it up with a mate. Old lodging, Michel. Had just taken a bike ride to Beijing, where he saw the electric bike. We sat in a cafe in Amsterdam and just started. Really “delft”.

Mariki: “Then we got to know each other.”


Mariki: “At six o’clock I go out first and do a morning ritual with meditation, yoga, breathing and affirmations.”

taco: „I turn again and read a lot Financial Times In bed, much to Marieki’s dismay. I don’t eat breakfast. Seven o’clock in the morning a cup of coffee.”

Mariki: „Then everyone is downstairs. We’re walking around the kids.”

taco: “They eat, brush their teeth, and start eating again. It’s impossible to keep up.”

Mariki: “Four mess.”

taco: „The eldest does everything himself. She is now 12 and goes to high school. She sets the alarm, does her homework, and cooks.”

Mariki: „Alternately, ice husband Nica, Taco and I and I take the kids to school. In this regard, we are fair Gooische women: We’ve had a dog and a snowmobile for ten years.”

taco: “There was no choice but direct assistance because of your work.”

Mariki: “I was always on shifts and often went to China and Taiwan. Taco works more than full time, and QWIC is his kid.”

taco: „It is very nice to be able to focus completely on the children, the little time we spend at home. Our babysitter husband gets it and brings it and she usually cooks. “

Mariki: “She also makes lunch boxes and helps her even after dinner.”

taco: “There is also an assistant doing the cleaning work.”

Mariki: “At eight and ten minutes we go out, school starts at half past eight.

taco: „I take the children to school once a week on a cargo bike. I would travel once every two weeks to Germany, Portugal or Bulgaria, where our bikes are made, otherwise I would have been in the office from 9 to 6 every day. Now I’m there sometimes for only two hours a day.”

Mariki: “I used to go out at 7 in the morning and didn’t get home until 7:30. Now I look back and think: Why? Watch out, they’re going to be 26 before you know it?” A nurse friend said to me.

taco: “Nowadays, I often work upstairs to study. Then they come one by one to say hello when they get home.”

Mariki: Before Corona, children always ate at six. Then I was never at home. Now half past six is ​​the time we all have to be there. I cook more now. This is undesirable because I cook vegetarian or vegan, haha.”

big cuts of meat

taco: “My eldest son was with him. Dad says, we have to go to Albert Heijn and buy big chunks of meat. We bake burgers once a month.”

Mariki: “After dinner, the kids do their homework or play a game. Taco just bought a bunch of board games.”

taco: „We have a light screen system. The iPhone is set to let them use it for an hour.”

Mariki: “The youngest often sleep at half past seven. The oldest one is half past nine.”

taco: “I often read for a statement and really enjoy tackling math problems with my eldest daughter. When she hits nine, I feel very proud.”

Mariki: “We often go for a walk with the dog after the evening ritual. Sometimes you still have to do something in order to work.”

taco: “Once I’m sitting down, I can work like that until one or two o’clock in the morning.”

Mariki: „Then I do yoga or listen to an inspiring podcast. I can’t read a book. I’m really so devastated. We have four kids, so there’s always something going on.”

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