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There is finally a debate going on about the letter T. The letter T has been added to the LHB, which stands for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people.

Most people know a man who dresses as a woman and this is called cross-dressing. They feel comfortable in clothes specially designed for women. Often clothing that also expresses sexuality. Most transvestites first wear underwear and bras with stiletto heels. The dresses are then secretly tried on and worn when no one is around. They are often straight, with a slight bias towards being bisexual. A special category is the drag queen.

Men who superbly transform themselves into the most beautiful version of a woman. They are very creative and entertainers with wigs, fillers and makeup and often mastered walking on top of stiletto heels. Real artists. Their sexual orientation is mostly homosexual.
Transgender men have gone through a complete transition and want, often without the knowledge of others, to continue to live in a female form including. They suffer from gender imbalances to the point where their bodies adjust to their self-image through medical treatment. Interventions. This goes by the jaw, brow and Adam’s apple correction. Their breasts were enlarged with silicone, the penis turned into a vagina and the balls removed. Testosterone is controlled with estrogen injections or patches. They have a medical statement from the team that this was the best solution for them to a possible life.

And now we come to the group that transgender women and men (now women too) have a problem with; Many people think that this group actually changes gender, but this is not the case. And with the new self-identity law, men can call themselves women without any form of treatment. Just because they feel that way. With the new VVD law, they will soon be able to walk into town hall and declare themselves women. Now it sounds so cute, why do women have a problem with that now?

This means that every man now has access to women’s spaces. So is the voyeur, the pencil peddler, the pedophile, the abusive woman, the rapist, the woman killer.

A few years ago, we found it shocking that the girls of the Wassenaar hockey team were being photographed by their coach, now able to get into the same space while changing clothes and showering. The same is true of the saunas where Willemian happily joins in with Willie, despite it being a ‘women’s only room’.
There has been a transgender objection ever since. He doesn’t feel comfortable confronting a naked dick (while being the owner of the penis himself) and demands that he be allowed to shower and change with the women at the gym. He got his way.
Leah Thomas, a swimmer in America who has registered as a woman, has won all the championships. The girls didn’t have a chance.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that men should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports categories and that spaces for women should be penis-free (paraphrased).

JK Rowling (Harry Potter writer, among others) received several (death) threats so that she could decorate her apartment with it. Just because she tweeted, “There was only one word for those with wombs.” (Translator)

Threats come from trans activists. People who think they can consider themselves woman on Monday, man on Tuesday and non-binary (neither man nor woman) on Wednesday because they feel that way, but also for people who think it’s okay for men to register themselves as women and at the same time being a lesbian, Dating sites harass lesbians by telling them to accept their wives’ penis. Of course in English damn terms.

There are many who have been threatened against their identity by transgender activists. Also in and in their work. From stand-up comedians to professors. But also people like me. I’m now completely on the lookout for the Awakening Dictionary of Transgender Activists as their favorite words like transphobia and TERF are dumped almost every week on social media.

This raises concerns about breast cutting in 12-year-old girls and putting them on medication to further stunt teenage girls’ growth. This is in addition to defending women’s rights. Because women’s rights are subject to the rights of converts.

For example, when you say I’m a woman, you’ll have an anonymous photo in the comments in no time: You’re a cis woman. And when you answer that your vagina was diagnosed when you were born, you menstruate and have kids, all hell is really blown away. They go well with me in the block box. This means that they can no longer read and comment on my social accounts and can no longer send private messages. As a consultant, it has always been possible to reach me through social media. Now I’m no longer a counselor, so I’m already preemptively blocking.

One small fact within the transgender spectrum. Radical Islamists prefer the man who performed the surgery himself to pretend to be a woman over homosexuality. Then it is a heterogeneous relationship in which two men find themselves and should not die. This is the same battle in which female genital mutilation (which happens when a girl is young) continues and thus women’s mutilation of their lives. The female circumcision is the suturing of the vagina in addition to the excision of the clitoris, and so on.

There is a lot to be said on this topic, but I’ll leave it at that for now. The law will be discussed in May and so far the coalition parties are in full agreement with the trans activists.

The letter V is less than T.

Brenda Hagen

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