Sectolin Gastro & Digest: a new and unique product for the stomach and intestines of the horse

The unique 3-step buffering to make a horse’s stomach less acidic and probiotics and prebiotics for optimal intestinal function are two features of the new Sectolin supplement, Gastro & Digest. This supplement, which also contains special herbs for the stomach and intestines and omega-3 essential fatty acids, is suitable for many stomach and/or intestinal problems in horses. Marinka Navis (MSc), who is closely involved in the development of Gastro & Digest as Product and Content Manager at Sectolin, is happy to explain why this product is so unique.

stomach or intestines

“When your horse has stomach or intestinal issues and you want to support it with a supplement, it usually focuses on either the stomach or intestines,” Marinca explains. “Sad, because the health of the stomach and intestines affects each other in a way that these two organs cannot be seen separate from each other. If you only support one of them, you usually solve only part of the problem. With Sectolin Gastro & Digest, you can support the stomach and intestines and notice that, often In a very short time.”

3 caching steps

An overly acidic stomach can cause stomach problems such as stomach ulcers. When the stomach becomes too acidic, it is important to push this acidity (pH) back to the desired value. What distinguishes Gastro & Digest is the 3-step buffering: a unique blend of ingredients that dilutes stomach acid step by step and restores it to the correct acidity.
There are many substances that help reduce stomach acidity, but they all work only with a certain pH. If the acidity is too low or too high – out of a substance – the substance will do nothing,” continues Marinka. “That is why it is important to add not just one substance, but many substances with different acidity that it is working in. The digestive system and the digestive system maintain stomach acid step by step with three substances, each with its own acidity in which they are active. These substances work together to make the acidic gastric juice in the stomach less acid step by step and in this way to ensure that the acidity of the stomach returns to its normal value, so that the balance is restored.”

complete approach

A stomach problem also affects gut health. So a good balance in the digestive system is crucial. Therefore, for the good health of your horse, it is important to maintain the health of the entire digestive system or restore balance when there are problems. Gastro & Digest focuses on the complete approach and supports the horse’s stomach and intestines. “


“We’ve added both probiotics and prebiotics to support the gut, and specially selected herbs and omega-3 essential fatty acids from flaxseed meal have been added to the overall digestive system,” explains Marinca. “Live, ingested yeasts, probiotics, increase the resistance of the intestinal flora and contribute to healthy digestion. Natural prebiotics help stabilize the pH value of the intestine and enhance food digestion and absorption of nutrients. In this way, the digestive system and the digestive system provide complete support for the digestive process of the horse.”

Ease of use in the digestive system

The signs that may indicate stomach and/or intestinal problems can vary, but there are many signs that could indicate that your horse would benefit from a gastro-digestion cycle. Here are some examples where Gastro & Digest can be used, for example if your horse:

– suffers from stomach problems, sometimes up to a stomach ulcer;

– Prone to stomach ulcers.

sensitive stomach or intestines;

– very sensitive to feeding changes;

– poor (regularly) in manure or suffers from diarrhea;

– his digestive system is quickly disturbed by stress, for example;

– reacts angrily at the collar or around the cheek;

– hypersensitive when brushing teeth, especially the abdomen or waist circumference;

– he can no longer take up his work;

– he can no longer place his hind legs under the body more evenly or more difficultly;

– does not wish (anymore) to proceed strictly;

– does not want to gain weight or even lose it despite adequate food of good quality;

Not feeling well, but other than that he looks healthy.

(First of all, it is important to rule out any serious medical causes and correct these problems, if necessary under the guidance of a veterinarian. The origin of the above problems can be in the digestive system, but sometimes they can have other causes. It is important not to hesitate not to go to the doctor on your own, but rather to contact a specialist.)

Experience and ease of use

Gastro & Digest has been extensively tested, as there is no distinction between sports and recreational horses, and user feedback has been mostly positive. The digestive system and digestive system do not contain grains and do not contain gluten. No sugars have been added to the product. Gastro & Digest is compressed into a small portion and is easy to take. These foods don’t make a “mess” and aren’t taken out of the food container as they can with powder. The kibble is easy to mix with horse feed and is well eaten.

A bucket of Gastro & Digest is enough for a horse to recover for 6 weeks. For the best effect, you should use the product only as a treatment. Do not use the product for a long time, it may lose its effect or may have the opposite effect (due to the buffering effect of the gastric protector). If necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated. There should be at least 6 weeks between using two cycles.


Gastro & Digest is available at equestrian stores and feed dealers. Click here for a list of points of sale.

If you have any questions about Gastro & Digest, please use the Sectolin contact form.

Note: Appendix A is not a drug. The use of supplements does not replace your vet’s advice in the event of serious problems. Also, a supplement never replaces the use of good feed and good management of your horse. These aspects must be in order.

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