“Mom, what’s a picture of a dick?” What do you discuss with the children in response to The Voice? † Abusing voice

“Mom, what’s a picture of a dick?” What do you discuss with children in response to sexual offending behavior in the sound

“Mom, what’s a picture of a dick?” ‘Why the sound No longer on TV? W: What is rape? These are just a few of the questions you as a parent can get in response to the news regarding sexual offending behavior that has occurred in the sound.

“If kids pick up on something, you better be honest,” said Justin Bardon of Bureau Jeugd en Media, as well as when it comes to pictures of penises or pictures of penises. “There were men who did things against the will of girls and women. The author of many books, including Media literacy in the school brochure† “Now all of a sudden a lot comes out, because if one dares to say something, others also dare.”

What advice can you give to children?
“It is very important that you give young children words about what they are feeling. Sex education begins in primary education where children learn to talk about feelings. With tools, you can teach young children to set boundaries. You can do this, for example, by starting by touching a stone to clarify What they feel in words. How does that feel and does it feel good or not? Then a soft cloth or someone else’s arm. It is important as a girl or a boy to say very clearly: I don’t like this. You know you can always say “no”.

What can you as a parent tell your child?
“You notice that there is often shame in sexually transgressive behavior. As a parent, it is a good idea to say openly: “You can always come to me or tell me something, even if you feel ashamed or think you have done something wrong.”: With those who feel safe With grandma? Aunt or confidant at school? You can also name this: “If you think you feel safer with a friend’s mother, that’s okay too.” Of course it is best if your child comes to you as a mother or father. But also give them alternatives: This is how you make them sturdy.An important conversation you can have with your child is: “Who would you dare to talk about if something happened you didn’t like?”

Due to infringing behavior and allegations of assault and rape, the television show The Voice of Holland has been temporarily suspended from the channel. © PRONOPRESS

More than 9 million times YouTube broadcasts Angry I already looked, from what age is this sage?
With an 11-year-old in group eight, you can look at that together. With younger children, I would leave it up to whether they came up with it themselves. Some kids in group 7 are very wise indeed. But if you know it’s been discussed in class and in the schoolyard, it’s important not to pretend there’s nothing wrong.”

How do you discuss broadcasting with your child?
For example, you can discuss with your child: “In your opinion, how did these girls feel? When you are having a conversation like this, keep trying to bring it back to “What can you do?” You can also give examples: “Suppose something like this happened to you while you were out, or someone wanted to kiss you, but you didn’t. What can you do next? Even then, you can always say “no”. If you learn that, you make children strong.”

What if your child asked “what is rape,” what would you say?
“It depends on age. You could say to this question, for example: This is someone using their power to do something to you that you don’t want. You can really think about when you were young with the kids what you would do if someone did something against you. The fact that the girl On the broadcast she didn’t actually dare say that she was raped is also a nice topic to discuss on the table. You can talk about it with a 16-year-old or a teenager. Why don’t you think she doesn’t want to use that word?”

The BoosTV YouTube episode in which Tim Hoffman announced the violations in The Voice of Holland.
The BoosTV YouTube episode in which Tim Hoffman announced the violations in The Voice of Holland. © Jeffrey Grunweg

Anyway, what shouldn’t you do?
“You really have to be careful what you say yourself and how you express your helplessness in front of kids. Even if you experience sexual violence yourself or if you hate men. It’s not meant to burden a child with this. They basically pick up on your state of mind. Be very careful when giving feedback. Strong for children. If you have done so, you can also return to him in a quiet moment. It is not wise to frighten children. If you were to say: All men only have sex, you are feeding them images that do not make them safer and happier.”

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