Mayor Plasserdam leaves. The relationship with the civil servant provides momentum

Placerdam – Mayor Jaap Bans will end his post in Placerdam. Pence will announce his departure and farewell on Thursday, April 7, 2022 – which is highly unexpected for the outside world. He also publicly announced that he had been in a relationship with an employee of the municipality of Placerdam for several months, and thus his departure accelerated. In a letter to the King, the mayor requested that he be granted an honorary pardon effective January 31, 2023. Paans has been mayor of Damdorp since 2015.

The mayor chose to explain in more detail his reasons for leaving in this interview. It places it in a social, political and personal context.

In love with an officer
This particular personal context means that the Ban has had to walk on symbolic eggs in recent weeks. There was a mutual infatuation between him and an official in the municipality of Placerdam, and Bans realized that the relationship was a delicate hierarchical one. He says: “After my divorce in April 2020, I recently found a new happiness in my life. A nascent relationship, because it was brought up in a work atmosphere, requires making choices for the foreseeable future. For me, it is clear that in a hierarchical relationship it leaves the owners of higher status.”

However, the departure of the mayor is not only due to the new love in his life. There are more things at play. For example, he finds that Placerdam is no longer a municipality, as it was when he took office in 2015. He thinks the village needs a mayor with a different “profile”, he says: “In 2015 a mayor was asked. This happened in the context of cooperating and doing things With the community. Everything used to be very accessible. And now you see that in 2022, it’s actually balanced every day a Sherif Who is involved every day in security issues, with enforcement, oversight and action. Increasingly people are looking at the government and saying, “I expect you to take action to enforce the law.” Every day I receive requests for executive action. This was not the case at all at first. That was secondary. The corona period increased the contradictions in society. You really need a different kind of mayor that hasn’t been in profile 8 years ago.” As far as Pence is concerned, the placeholder’s basic thinking is needed in the area of ​​an integrated safety approach and choices must be made within the confines of limited resources.

Paans continues: “For me, this means that since the summer holidays I already had a feeling: Yes, I really got into this on the basis of the 2015 profile, but the question is also justified if a different mayor is needed. .I’m not Mayor that day after day Sherif you want to be. There are colleagues who are fine with that, but I was struck by the 2015 profile and was chosen for it. This makes me feel some discomfort in the social context. The council also knew that I would be looking for something else sometime in the coming period, but that could have been five years later, so to speak.”

break the alliance
The second reason for leaving is one in the ‘political administrative context’. Bans notes that since 2019, the political debate in Placerdam has focused on points of principle such as Sunday rest and gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people. Bans: “As Chairman, I gave way to the discussion and as a member of the Board, it strengthened unity in the Board. Tensions have arisen in the Board since 2019, certainly at the beginning of 2021 after the proposal regarding the shuttle bus to the World Heritage. Then I saw that the SGP struggle was also A struggle for an alderman from the SGP.Eventually, this led to the collapse of the coalition, which the member of the House later commented on the consequences.Until then, we had been working as a close-knit university team, teaching each other on an ongoing basis, so that we could also replace each other Some well and easy when necessary.”

The fracture touched me personally.
The mayor continues: I was personally affected by the separation of the coalition, because it had consequences for cooperation in the municipal executive and in the council. We were a close and unique team. There was very little “politics” on this table. It was interchangeable in this sense. As mayor, it was very enjoyable to work with and was above average profitable for placerdams. Finally, after the departure of alderman Peter Verheg, I took over his duties in the field of economics. I was already in the economy development board to Drechtsteden was thus busy with the dynamic banks of Drechtsteden. I was happy to participate in the content, such as the economic and construction tasks of the area. ”

No longer neutral
However, active participation in this content has caused some inconvenience, Bans says. He explains, “As mayor, you are impartial. You are above objective parties and choices. You are supervising the process rather than directing it objectively, because that is up to the council and members of the legislature. I have noticed that I have received objective opinions and that I also wish to publish them. More effort to maintain my neutrality. You can continue to do it every day, but it takes more energy. In a short time I realized I wanted to work on the content, realizing I wouldn’t complete my second term in office.”

Bance begins his end with a smile “And then it will be December…”. “Then there is a more intense cooperation with a municipal employee, because as a purse holder you have to deal with this a lot. And out of this, unintentionally and unexpectedly, such chemistry arose in which mutual infatuation arose.”

hierarchical relationship
According to Paans, at that time there was also an immediate realization that this was a hierarchical relationship and that he therefore had a responsibility to the organization to handle it carefully. “From the moment our relationship began and really formed, there was a very unnatural moment. You have to imagine: you just fall in love and you have to start thinking about who you are going to share this with.”

Me too
When asked if the mayor isn’t afraid of situations like me either, he replied, “Exactly. We realized it straight away from that moment on, and the national news helped us quite a bit at that time. We looked at each other closely and asked ourselves: Are we alike? Page here?

To avoid trouble in the future, the mayor and the clerk decided to record this with an outside secret advisor. “Whatever happens, there can always be third-party confirmation that we were right about this. But we still had the question: Are we so smitten that we’re going to continue this and share it with the people in the organization? In January we concluded that we We want to go for this. In February, the existence of the relationship in the workplace was shared with the whole organization and the city council. We also immediately made sure that the tasks were divided. The governors of economics and human resources were transferred to the members of the Aldermen.

When Pence was asked if he was actually permitted to enter into such a relationship within his city council, he replied, “There is no legal rule forbidding it. Many organizations have a policy, but we haven’t made such a policy in Dresden and Placerdam. But I feel unable to continue to Maintaining a relationship in the workplace. Especially when it comes to a hierarchical relationship. In time, one of them must leave. To me, it is clear that in a hierarchical relationship the owners of higher status leave.”

Local Council
Then, I had discussions with the city council on how to move forward. Paans: “There is an understanding for this consideration. He stated that the current situation is currently viable, within the chosen period. I have coordinated that period until January 2023 with the group heads in the council. The council has indicated that it wants to move to a designated mayor immediately and prefers not to have a deputy. Mayor “.

the future
Mayor Bans Alplacerdam is expected to bid in mid-January 2023 and the city council aims to install the new mayor on February 1, 2023. He doesn’t know what the mayor will do after January 2023. Banz calls a new mayor position elsewhere “not likely in advance”, But he does not rule out becoming mayor again somewhere in the future. “I will stop at the end of January 2023. This means that I am not currently applying for anything else. As stated in the press release: I am continuing my path with an open mind towards the future.”

new mayor
The process of selecting, nominating and appointing a new mayor of Placerdam will be completed under the supervision of the King’s Commissioner. A committee made up of the Municipal Council will undertake the preparations from 19 April 2022. The goal is to find a preferred candidate with broad support for the Municipal Council in the fall of 2022.

Sorry to leave
Vice-Chairman of the City Council, Hermann Feuij, says he regrets and respects Bans’ departure. And like the mayor, all party leaders want to ensure administrative stability. Our joint mission is to put together a new team of municipal council members who will continue the day-to-day management of our village with broad support with the mayor. The committee will be asked to give the Blasderdamers the opportunity to contribute to the image of the new mayor.”

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