Maserati Bora as a daily driver?

Autovisie is always looking for used cars for enthusiasts and that’s why they go through the listings of the sales site This time we found the Maserati Bora, a beautiful and rare classic car.

The Maserati Bora was shown in 1971 at the Geneva Motor Show. Autovisie was present at the show and saw the Italdesign-designed car as “a very beautiful and realistic design”.

24 hours with Maserati Bora

In 2016, we lived with the classic – then – for 24 hours. And suddenly she falls in love with an Italian beauty. But is it also possible to live with this brutal rage on a daily basis? “

Maserati Bora, Fit, Classic
(Photo: AutoTrack)

“You’re more brave than usual, and she’s getting all the attention. Unfortunately, she has her reputation too. She seems to be an unreliable bastard, a bit sinister too.” […] Bold look, punk body, lively ass. Born to seduce.”

“The Maserati Bora will blow your mind, shoot stench into the air as if it were hers alone, and let its passionate song hit the facades like a crazy fado singer in Lisbon’s backstreets.”

More spiritual than a Ferrari Daytona

“In these socially correct times, the market for a frenzied super sports car is so small that Lamborghini and a few niche brands can still continue to do so. In the past, the car wasn’t huge either, and Maserati had to experience it first-hand. While the Ghibli The sluggish was still good for 1150 units, the 500 Boras weren’t built – about half of them with a larger 4.9 liter engine. […] At the time, it was spicier than the Ferrari Daytona.”

(Photo: AutoTrack)

“When the Maserati Bora is cold, it sways like a galloping horse. Several raw buds of intermediate gas are necessary to prevent it from falling asleep again. Once its bravery recovers, it feels more at ease, and even an inexperienced dancer leads it through town in a passionate tango with ease. With 310 Horse under the throttle, it goes well in a straight line, but no more than that. Especially in better turns, age is irreversible.”

Less to talk about the inside

“Every minute by it is overwhelming and exciting. But can you keep this style for life? Inside, Bora is by no means a temple of luxury. Charles Eames could have designed the chairs, but unfortunately the materials used are poorly advanced. And the fine chrome around the dashboard can’t hide the fact that everything looks like it’s been tossed from afar. It’s hard to find the warm ambiance of the 1960s, when craftsmanship was still dominant.”

This Italian tries to deceive with a luxurious touch that made an impression at the time, but is now funny at the most. Thanks to electric windows, an ex-antenna, and optional air conditioning, it was just as rich as a chubby Cadillac. And then, Maserati also has an impressive hydraulically adjustable pedal set which, together with the adjustable steering wheel and the single height-adjustable driver’s seat, should ensure a perfect seating position. In theory then.”

You want the occasion: Maserati Quattroporte V8 with manual gearbox

We wrote in 2016: “No addition, no consumption, but high feelings.” At that time, prices for the Maserati Bora were still around 65,000 euros. “Your own forever. It’s worth ten to one. However, you should never see it as a sexy investment fund. Wounded in the depths of her soul, she would undoubtedly plant a trident in your back if you weren’t vigilant for a moment. That’s how naughty she is. There is a motive. Only one is enough to seduce her: an emotional upheaval she hasn’t felt in years. Otherwise, you don’t deserve it.”

Suitable Maserati Bora

Meanwhile, the value of the Maserati Bora has increased exorbitantly. We found a model with less than 47,000 kilometers for 179,000 euros.

The classic model with a 4.7L V8 engine dates back to 1973 and is owned by Mansour Ojjeh. He was CEO of TAG, which owns McLaren stock.

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