Eva: The relationship with my boyfriend is controversial but also sexy and charming

“We’ve been together for over thirty years, my husband and I have raised three kids, a house across the border and a good life together. A few years ago, I decided to start the conversation and open our relationship with her. My husband and I love an adventurous life, have loving relationships and open our hearts.”

You have to have a really good relationship to open, there is no room to talk between jealousy and tears. It took a lot of talk, a lot of research, and a lot of work, but we got it right. My husband has a girlfriend and I have grits. In addition, we are very happy with each other. He gives me this love.”


“I got to know Frick through a dating site. I was immediately clear about my dates at home, for him it was an adventure. He withheld his position a bit, but soon it turned out his wife didn’t know anything. Well. A little lol, I thought, but it didn’t work out. this way.

After that first date we were texting regularly, we called again and met again. Something interesting happened. A curiosity that none of us have experienced before: “Hey, who are you?” We are now very fond of each other and feel very equal. That bond turned into a warm love.”

“We call each other twice a week, secretly yes, and every time my heart skips a beat. Being together is magical. The fusion of body and mind, an unconditional thing. We don’t see each other very often and quite irregularly, but the moments we spend together are wonderful in every way.”

Just Frick doesn’t talk about it with anyone. Herein lies my struggle. I would also like to have a place in his life. Desire to see what I mean to him. Of course I will continue to move forward myself by continuing this issue, and by keeping up with the sneaky connection.”


“But I also know: If something happened to him, I wouldn’t hear him. That’s a bitter thought. He also becomes happier and happier through our connection and brings that back into his relationship. It makes me happy, and that’s a beautiful thing that comes out of it.”

I discuss it regularly with my partner, and also about difficult things like imperfection and desire, and he shares that with his girlfriend as well. Discussing this part with Frick is a little more difficult. He feels guilty about his wife, because in a monogamous society he is the cheater. This sounds like a burden.”

“I think everyone imagines a second love, but for many, that’s not allowed. Feeling a love affair with someone other than your partner isn’t allowed in many relationships. I find that hard. Frick has met my husband and kids, it’s part of my life and yet I’m honest very much with myself.

Others may have an opinion on that, but I don’t care. This does not apply to him. We can’t meet near where he lives, I’m not allowed to go to work, and we can only call if given the opportunity. Sometimes he says he would like to give me more, but it is not possible. He also feels guilty about it.”

Secret relationship

We talk about it well and he communicates with me by making more time for video calls for example. Whereas, if he’s with me in the evening and has to call his wife, that’s a turning moment. We’re always with a bag, never at home. This is still a quest.

It is sometimes difficult for me to realize the ambiguous role I play as an unknown third party in this secret case. However, I have now chosen to accept this position. As paradoxical at times, I wouldn’t miss moments of lovable communication with Frick for anything.”

“We are so happy to be together and it has contributed to a special happiness for 2.5 years. You never know with love what the future will hold and I hope this continues to exist, even if the chance of discovering his wife like the sword of Damocles is over our heads.

But you know, I have faith. It is good as is. If you go into despondency and continue to stir up uncertainty, it’s tough. You can never look back ten years ago, and there is no certainty in any relationship. You have to live in the present. I am adventurous and love the intense life and taking in the beautiful things that come my way. That’s Frank.”


“The love I feel now is only good, otherwise you will continue to yearn and hope and that is exactly what makes you restless. Love is not limited to marriages and national borders. You can stop it knowingly, but it becomes more difficult. I am already looking forward to the next reunion. Regardless No matter how exciting and controversial this meeting is.”

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