Consultant and mother of five, can they be combined? † Freshener

put Busy family life with four children and a foster daughter, a four-day job as a political advisor in Oldebroek municipality and council membership at Wij Putten. At Jannita la Roi (36) all days of the week are well filled. “I want to contribute myself.”

Marco Janssen

La Roi has been a chancellor since 2018 and was previously on the board of Wij Putten for three years. Politics has always been about politics, and after the 2014 elections I looked at what those election platforms were actually saying. Wig Putin appealed to me because the party is entering into a dialogue with the population. We go to the people and ring the bell to hear what’s going on. I’m not a supporter of decisions in the council room, but I like to associate the population with politics. As a councilman, I see myself as a representative of the people.”

flying Wij Putten goes weekly on Saturday mornings in a neighborhood to announce that they are coming. We spent four years looking for compatriots, although I’m not always there. We always get positive responses; People are happy that we passed and that they can tell their story. People you don’t know also send messages through Facebook to start a conversation. We also write columns in the newspaper calling this.”

In the community committee, she mainly focuses on the social sphere. “You then define the policy framework, but I test how it works in practice and whether we are actually doing it right. I don’t believe everything that is written on paper: if the WMO says something is arranged correctly, I also want To know from the residents if this is the case.”

lift the ladder In her experience, people’s personal attitudes sometimes show otherwise. “The child in need had an elevator at home, but was commuting to an institution. The child was still going home on weekends, but the elevator had to go. The municipalities of Ermelo and Putten referred to each other, rather than resolved financially together. In Like this case, I think counselors should look more broadly at what the family needs. I want to commit myself to this: I want to make better policy and add integration – a holistic approach – by observing what really matters to people. When they themselves don’t know the ways to the authorities , I want to make the connection to make sure they get help right away. Thus preventing them from being sent from one column to the next.”

Financial Café In Putten, for example, there is the Stroud Financial Café for debt counseling. “You can signal this to people by sending a message that you can go there if you need financial help. I also noticed very few people go to the food bank in Putin. This number has decreased, while there is always poverty. Reason It’s partly a shame, but many people don’t know that they can also temporarily go there if they have financial problems.By designing early detection you can prevent problems.

Also in young care, low-threshold assistance and small interventions can help prevent greater care. I also see this as an adoptive parent with our adopted child receiving weekend care with us. From an early age I wanted to be a foster mother because I enjoy doing something for a child in a difficult situation. We’ve been a foster family since 2011 and for shorter and longer periods. A family with four kids is already busy, so we now step in for support one weekend a month. This can really come in handy in difficult situations, so that our adopted daughter can live at home during the week.”

plan Being a consultant means a lot of reading work and that takes time. La Roi learned to start early and got better at planning. I also do a lot in between. She often holds twice-monthly meetings with the Board and Committee. I really appreciate the connection with other councilors and parties. I found the time for digital meetings to be really difficult, especially when it was also essential to my daytime work.

Hobby As a principal advisor on participation, work and income, I advise on labor market issues about the mismatch between the unemployed, jobs and everything that falls under the Participation Act. I buy tracks to allow people who are far from the job market to go back to work. Now that the children are young, everything can be combined well. When they are asleep I go out for a meeting or last evening I go to the Food Bank in Harderwijk for information. It’s always busy and I don’t have a day off during the week. But my hobby is politics. Four years as a consultant seems like a long time, but it has passed. I really like it very much.”

She works two full days and two days during school hours. One day the kids are going to BSO and one day my husband Michel is home to be there for the kids. We both work 28 hours and keep the family together, otherwise it’s impossible.”

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