Albert and Jacomin from “URK!”: “People think we have a relationship”

Albert and Jacomin together:

No kidding, to the viewers — and readers — who really think you’re in a relationship: you’re just the best of friends. In addition, Albert is attracted to men. Why do you think people think this?

Albert: “A man and a woman get along so well. This is us. It makes people think we’re in a relationship. I think it’s funny, but I don’t get it either. Can’t men and women just be friends?”

Jacomien: “People see that we look at each other in love, but it is the vice in our eyes that you see. We have merry eyes.”

Albert: “There is only a certain chemistry. There is always harm between us.”

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You are basically seen together in the series. What made you think: Yes, we’re in?

Albert: “I thought it would be fun to work (Albert Bartender, Editor) and this might be a way to make Urk positive in the news. With Urk it’s just like with Moroccans: they just pick the negative. But if something bad happens in Stadskanaal, you won’t hear about it from Anyone “.

Jacomen: At first I didn’t want to participate, but Albert convinced me. I thought: Who knows, maybe it will be fun. There was a doubt: I have children and I don’t want them to have bad reactions because their mother can be seen on a chain.

Albert: “Fortunately, 99% of the responses are positive. So are the people who live in Urk.”

Jacomien: “Yeah, that’s very nice. Since season 5, with viewership going up, we’ve been getting more and more known. Recently, when I was in Amsterdam. People started to understand the show and our village too. We’re not all old-fashioned and very religious, modern orcs. very “.

Albert and Jacomin

What are your best moments in the series so far?

Jacomien: “When we were at Sligro we both had this fun. The way we saw it there, that’s exactly what we are.”

Albert: “I really liked that I went to France with Teun (Föhn, editor) to renovate a castle. We sat down to wine every day and the location was beautiful. Normally I think France is a terrible country, it’s filthy and the people aren’t nice. But this was fun beyond expectations.”

However, Teon told that he was not having a good time in France.

Albert: “I’m very good with Tyon. He’s more serious than me, I’m naughtier. It wasn’t good because of his friend. Not my type. He thought I was jealous and suddenly I was no longer allowed to joke. Then we left France with a fanfare. But I look at her fondly, Especially those early days. We were well received by the family, these lovely people!”

Jacomien with Teun:

Albert and Jacomin

What is the least you like about the series so far?

Albert: “Sometimes there is so much control over what we want to do beforehand that we don’t like it. We actually didn’t want to make any purchases at Sligro at the time, but we wanted to spend a day in Volendam.”

Jacomin: “But in the end it was really fun.”

Do you also have connections with other people from the series?

Jacomien: “Sometimes with Teun, but nothing else. I don’t even have other people’s phone numbers.”

Albert: “Only with Teun, in fact, the rest are not our friends.”

And since you’re not in a relationship, what about your love life?

Albert: “I date from time to time.”

Jacomien: “Huh, I don’t know about that? I don’t date. I don’t look, I don’t feel and I don’t have the time.”

Albert: “I don’t need a relationship either, I think that’s a lot of trouble. My life is too fickle for that.”

Jacomien: “I don’t feel like I like these dating apps at all.”

Albert: “But if you want a relationship, it’s better if it’s with an Orc.”

Jacomien: “I don’t have to, but this person should come and live in Urk. I’d prefer a modern Urk. Or a sober person like Urker.”

You are now in the URK! But would you also like to participate in other TV shows?

Jacomien: “I think I’d like to have my own show. But with Albert.”

Albert: “We do everything together. Participation in a single thing seems more difficult for me. “

Jacomien: “Without each other, you’re missing out on that chemistry that works so well on TV. You both get on a better show, just like Nick and Simon and Geer and Goor. So no relationship. That’s how you should see us.”

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