TikTok partners with WEF and creates a trend: teenage boys want to kill girls on dates

In a new trend for TikTok, young teenage boys and girls film themselves fantasizing out loud about taking girls on dates and then killing them.

There are currently about 1 billion TikTok users worldwide, of which 3 million are in the Netherlands. When such a massively popular platform, aimed primarily at young people, presents such an image of men, how much can “ordinary” men remain firm toward women without being portrayed as “toxic”? Or worse than calling you a potential “killer”? And how has TikTok been able to make such a huge impact on our youth, perhaps motivating young people to make these kinds of fantasies a reality?

Ukraine Photography

Not only does TikTok seem to contribute to negative (gendered) images, but it also overlaps with the image we receive in the West of the war in Ukraine. For example, an article published by NOS has already shown how important the role of TikTok is in this matter. The article explains that the algorithm determines which videos get the necessary reach, in order for a “TikTok-er” to become popular or create a huge, unified picture of the situation.

Founder of TikTok and World Economic Forum

Zhang Yiming, founder of TikTok (and parent company Bytedance), is the second richest man in China and spoke at the WEF conference in January 2020. TikTok was already a partner of the World Economic Forum in 2019, when the two collaborated on a “diversity campaign” called #allthedifference, which focused on “inclusiveness”. “We celebrate your differences. Show us what makes you unique, how to get rid of the stickers, or what you did to make the world more tolerant. ONE [wereld] No one is excluded because of their race, religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation. Your stories can make a #allthedifference”, posted on the World Economic Forum website.

On June 3, 2020, the World Economic Forum published an article citing “the usefulness of large-scale, high-spread platforms in the face of COVID-19” quoting Zhang Yimes:

“We have been very fortunate with platforms like TikTok that have been able to connect with users and give them creative and fun opportunities even when they are stuck at home. It has been very important for us to support health professionals on the front lines, as well as affected communities, including students, teachers, musicians and health workers restaurants, where we have faced this unprecedented challenge together.”
– Zhang Yiming, founder and CEO of ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok

The CEO of TikTok is also a proud member of WEF

Not only Yiming founder, but also CEO Shou Zi Chew participates in the World Economic Forum and is considered a member. In January 2021, he explained in a video on his WEF YouTube account how to be a better corporate citizen. Below is his speech, which may have sparked that reaction below the video:

“Corporate Citizen”? It definitely doesn’t sound like something from the futuristic CyberPuck Dystopian…. George Orwell would be shocked.”

WEF and TikTok recommend books

Through TikTok, the World Economic Forum has also been able to influence the choices of writers for young people. Another project for the two of them is “BookTok”, which recommends some books. As the project proudly describes, users recommend books in their videos, but we now know that the TikTok algorithm, fueled by WEF investments, decides which videos arrive. Would the movie “Fourth Industrial Revolution” by World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab have sold a little better? The list of books popular according to (and by) the app are all books that focus on topics like climate change, gender, race, and general “inclusivity.”

The World Economic Forum website states:
While a combination of factors contributed to the rise — including COVID-related stay-at-home recommendations and an extension of the US child tax credit that NPD BookScan says contributed to household income — part of the boost can be attributed to TikTok users. which talks about books using the hashtag #BookTok”.

Ironically, Robert F. Kennedy’s, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” is among the top 10 bestsellers in America, just as Thierry Baudet’s Corona Deception is number one here in the Netherlands. It’s a hopeful sign that people are reading these cash books en masse, but at the same time perhaps the reason why the World Economic Forum is stepping in and doing so is through ‘influenceable’ youth.

The Word Economic Forum avidly uses itself TikTok through https://www.tiktok.com/@worldeconomicforum, where they can easily reach many young users.

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