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Blaserdam must search for a new mayor, after Jaap Bans announces he is leaving due to an affair with a government employee. According to him, this has become untenable.

He said this in an exclusive interview with local broker “ After my divorce in April 2020, I recently found a new happiness in my life. A nascent relationship, as it originated in the atmosphere of work, requires making choices for the foreseeable future. For me, it’s clear that in the hierarchical relationship he leaves the highest-ranking occupants,” says Bans (54), who has served as mayor of Damdorp since July 2015. He only wants to talk to other media when he actually leaves.

Last summer, he was reappointed for a second six-year term, but due to the relationship, this is now coming to an early end. Paans is expected to leave in January 2023. He regularly met the official during meetings, after which the two fell in love.

Not prohibited by law

Both immediately realized that this could cause a frown, even though the law does not prohibit a driver from entering into a relationship with a civil servant.


In January we concluded we wanted to go for this

yap bans

Despite all the objections, the two decided to go through with it. But we still faced the question: Are we so smitten that we’re going to continue this and share it with the people in the organization? In January we concluded we wanted to go for this, he told “In February, the presence of the relationship in the workplace was shared with the entire organization and city council.” In addition, he moved his wallets, so that he and the administrator did not have to work together.

not honest

Besides love, Bans also gives other reasons for his early departure. According to him, Placerdam is no longer a municipality as it was when he took office. According to him, the village has a different profile of the mayor: “The mayor was asked in 2015,” he told And now you see that in 2022, in general, there is really a need for a mayor every day, who is busy every day with security issues, with enforcement and oversight and work. (…) I am not the mayor who wants to be mayor day in and day out.”

Yap Buns in 2015. © Victor van Bruckelen

In addition, some things changed at the political level, which repeatedly included matters of principle such as Sunday rest and LGBT politics. This led the SGP to leave the coalition last year due to a tour truck that was driving through the village on Sunday.

Failure to complete the second term

As a result, Pence secured large cabinet portfolios, while the mayor was accustomed to being neutral and standing above parties. “I soon realized that I wanted to work on the content, realizing that I would not complete my second term in the position.”

It was now agreed with the city council that the Paans could remain after disposing of the portfolios in which he had an affair with his lover. According to the political parties, this is a practical situation. Procedures for a new successor appointed by the Crown are now underway, with a target date of February 1, 2023.

It remains unclear what the Paans will do next. He describes the new mayor’s position as “not likely to be up front,” although he wouldn’t rule that out either. “This means that I am not currently applying for something else,” he says in a municipal press release.

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