The Kids @ The Roma: Old Punks Never Die

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Before Arbeid Adelt’s Black Coats! De Brassers and De Kommeniste started kicking ass in the local parish halls, kids were already writing the history of Belgian punk. The self-titled original for the first time from 1978 (!) is now sold digitally for at least a hundred euros. This is worth as much as the lunatic is willing to pay for it. However, former dockworker and founder Ludo Mariman was able to describe the economic recession of the 1970s “poefully” in “bloody Belgium”, “fascist policemen” and “I want to get a job in the city.” Immortalized by the current VRT program teen voicesIt is still surprising to see how a group of “adult” teenagers were allowed to mess around in a modern, well-equipped recording studio. However, the people of Antwerp were able to tap their potential with the global blow that never became one: “You won’t be there next time.”

Since then, the primal sound has begun to flatten into what we might now call power pop, think “What I Like About You” by The Romantics. Marieman plunged into a solo career, causing the kids to drift into the locker room in 1986. Ten years later, the inevitable happened. “If children are united they will never be divided,” and since then Antwerp’s punk band has continued to stroll sporadically. A new generation of villains can drink from a pure piece of energy captured twice in Ancienne Belgique. The Brussels Party Temple was the place to be Surprised! (2001) The 40th Anniversary Show. But on our forty-fifth anniversary, we will be staying in an old majestic cinema. There’s Midnight Tattoos and Captain Kaiser who first reminded us of the fact that punk exudes a timeless and enduring personality.

Five minutes after start time, we set off just in time for the Melody Midnight Cafe. This opening slot was a big match on the Antwerp players’ court. The limited audience was not aware and broke out in “I’ve Got Your Back”. These punk shows were also good for us before the pandemic. Because of the brotherly atmosphere created by Midnight Tattoo, we quickly got a taste of more three-stringed notes and quick drum rolls. Before we fully realized that the allotted half hour was flashing, the evening had already begun as ‘Another night at the pub’. As a bonus, we were reminded by the football drum beat that it can be done in Den Antwerp tonight. In the meantime, we saw around us more goers of the concerts that were already Friday evening. The audible swan and the smell of fresh beer did the rest.

The fact that the Kempen is a hotbed of crazy, evil garage rocks is no longer a big secret due to Crackups, Equal Idiots, The Priceduifkes, and The Yummy Mouths, among others. Following their motto of “Make more noise, drink more beer,” Captain Kaiser made a powerful piece of skateboarding reminiscent of nostalgia for NOFX and Rise Against. Where hell is the time when blistering baddies and hardcore boys are allowed to enjoy themselves in the sanctuary at Pukkelpop or Groezrock. Fortunately, there is still the Tsar Festival! However, the sly band had a new album to promote. Drover Inn It appeared exactly one day before Corona stopped social life. With his mustache and bare bark, Sacha Vincent shone on stage. The live versions of “Hotel Room” and “Post Gig Depression” were better than the original due to the dynamics arranged among the group members. Let us ignore that the leaders of our world will soon impose a “Moscow mule” in an endless summer without war.

Before kids take us back to the time when animals were talking, Ludo Mariman took a few seconds to reflect on the tragic death of actress Renhilde Decler. “Not a minute’s silence, it’s too long for a punk band.” Recovering from daily political troubles, this 45th anniversary show was nothing tjangel tjangel retired from. On the other hand, kids thought it was a good old no-name shake. “This Is Rock ‘N Roll” made the hall open. Since then we have been in a good position in a tightly playing group where there was no time to catch our breath. Therefore, each form of organized violence received multiple pandering. Young and old unanimously received the films “Do you like Nazis” and “Fascist policemen”. How Luc Van De Poel victoriously rocked one mighty string after another from Gibson SG, he was just like Angus Young in a punk jacket. There won’t be a next time unexpectedly at the back of the set menu, but all the spice wasn’t even close to fading. “You thought a single blow could silence me,” the opening phrase “I’ll get you,” actually took on a new dimension.

Finally, children have not forgotten the art of playing on feelings. When the group members left the stage, a group of devoted fans immediately sang the chorus of “If the Children United,” the 69 cult classic Cham 69, and minutes later, it was dated and the plentiful crowd dominated the entire stage. Once there was room to play and breathe again, the “Blitzkrieg Bop” was quickly chased away so things wouldn’t be underestimated. The original has remained the same, but the casing has been part of the set menu since time immemorial, and its lack of it would be a great loss. Yes, even playful compatibility is sometimes a feature of punk culture. “You were great, we weren’t bad either,” the kids didn’t have to waste any more words afterwards to showcase her legendary status.

On Friday, May 27, punk veterans will be in attendance at Clamotte Rock. Other confirmed works are Bart Peters, The Meltheads, and The Chalkheads, the finalist in the Homo Rally. The temporary line-up for the other two festival days and tickets can be found here.

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