Songs About Girls (★★ ½): A mixture of honesty and unoriginality

Every year, thousands of optimistic people decide to take part in a talent show on local television. They dream of a major musical achievement, and the chance to do what they love full time. Participate in shows like the sound It’s never a guarantee of success and making those dreams come true, but for some artists that can be fine. Someone like Harry Styles started in the distant past, for example in the English version of x factorAnd we’ve all seen where that leads. For others, things don’t go well. In 2014 as a teenager, Guus Mulder participated in the Dutch version of the soundconquered the hearts of our northern neighbors and reached the grand finale, but then disappeared like so many alumni of the talent show off the face of the earth.

At that time, he did not know what musical direction he wanted to take, and nothing worked with him. It was set aside, and no longer interesting enough to the music world. It influenced his self-image in such a way that Guus chose to stay in the background in the following years, writing for others. Only years later, in late 2019, he decided to seek the spotlight again, this time under the name Guusje, and with an artistic vision clearer than before. It went well for a while – even making his first album – until he suffered burnout in 2021. This burnout was the beginning of the process of healing and healing old hurt, but it also provided the inspiration for an entirely new album. We’ll have to wait a little longer for that, because the Dutch singer-songwriter will first release the aforementioned debut album, songs about girls

As the title suggests, Guusje’s debut album is mainly about girls. The album is about good and bad relationships with girls, about new love and broken hearts. These are definitely not the most innovative topics to write about, we know that, but we appreciate it songs about girls At least it has a personal side. “The Balcony” is perhaps the best example of this. The song is for an ex who hasn’t finished yet, and it seems like a very weak Whatsapp message for her ears only. It’s like we’re doing something very secretive, when we listen to Guusje ask his ex-girlfriend if her current boyfriend is aware of her weird fetishes.

The personal and honest side can be heard in a number of songs songs about girls† In the title track, for example, he frankly admits to avoiding deeper relationships with women, entering into relationships not only to write music about them, but also about “Guilty” and the weak little “Soms (Memo with Jean)”. These numbers look like ripped pages from Guusje’s diary, and show that he is someone who puts his heart on his tongue, but also has a certain degree of maturity and self-awareness. It takes a good dose of self-reflection to admit that you use women for musical inspiration, or that it’s entirely your fault that the relationship broke up.

Although half of the songs on songs about girls He manages to show Guusje’s feelings in an honest way, the other half of the album is very disappointing. Many other songs lack that honesty and maturity, sound very old, completely unoriginal and almost childish. Songs like “Glitter Socks” and “Die Feelings” look as if the songs could have been registered to One Direction. Ten years ago we might have found this touching, but now we think it’s a shame. The closing of Nader’s album is also deeply disappointing. The song was written for his current girlfriend, and we have no doubts we’d love it if we were in her place, but to a stranger, to say the least it’s a little motivating. All of these songs seem almost desperate attempts to achieve modest success with our northern neighbors and perhaps beyond, and thus fail to impress us.

As we explained earlier, we are aware that the music industry about girls is by no means a pioneer. If we had to start listing all the artists Guusje went to, we’d be busy for a long time. It doesn’t matter that it’s not an original topic, because it can be good. Guusje also shows this through songs in which he pours his full energy and in which we can hear his feelings well, such as “Balcony” or “Soms”. It may be a little cliched, but it takes us into the maze of recognizable feelings you go through during or after a breakup. The problem with songs about girls It lacks sincerity in many songs. It leads to pretty weak songs, and we all have a little bit of it squat As well as being unoriginal and dated. Songs like “Glitter Socks,” “Die Feelings,” and “Beter Only” can come from any cheery (indie) pop singer with a broken heart and a good haircut.

songs about girls Far from the strongest and most compelling debut, and we think the album was probably the best short EP without those bad tracks. However, good songs give us hope that there is potential with Guusje. He has a dose of self-awareness and honesty, and he can convey that in his music. So hopefully in the future, as on the second album he wrote while dealing with his burnout, he will now be able to hear this in all of his songs. This would charm us even more songs about girls is over.


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