“Since the 1960s, girls have also been allowed to join.”

March 29 17:14

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NIEUW-DIJK – By Eendracht Sterk, the name of the brass band in Nieuw-Dijk was chosen by the founders because they felt that the members should be willing to help each other out in any difficulties that arise.

Written by Karen van der Velden

Mart Welling told neighbor Toon Bosman that he would like to start a music association in Nieuw-Dijk. Bosman actually played for the Beek Music Association at that time. He wanted to help, but then Welling had to bring people together. Twelve more were found and on May 31, 1921, a DES fanfare was created at Café Sloot on Smallestraat.
The commotion was also a kind of harmony. In 1928 the clarinet was probably added and it suddenly became the Harmonie DES. In 1959, DES became a sensation again. The 1960s were years of great growth, and since then girls have also been allowed to join the music guild.

long membership
Fanfare DES is an association where people remain members for a long time. Theo Berendsen, Music Committee Member and Secretary Maria Moorman for fifty years of membership will be honored during the upcoming concert on April 3. Chief Tom Klitman Member For Forty Years Ago: “Official member, because I’ve been training for a number of years before that. Then you only really become a member if you start playing in a big orchestra after a B exam.”

On the morning of Sunday, April 3, at least ten Jubilees of 2020 and 2021 will be honored. This can only happen now because of Corona. In 2022, six members will celebrate the anniversary.
Moormann recalls that fifty years ago there were a lot of young people: “The conductor Bosfeld came by bus from Westerfort and gave us music lessons for the first time on Tuesday. Then he stayed for dinner at Jan and Annie Driessen, owners of De Knots. In the evening he led the orchestra during Rehearsal”.

Berendsen adds: “Then we practiced in a small room behind the café. They called it singing sing. There were fishing nets hanging from the ceiling, with corks and floats. Sometimes a disco was organized there. And after that you’re still allowed to smoke at rehearsal.” “You can’t imagine that anymore,” Moorman says with a laugh. An ashtray on the platform or the cigarette on the platform. Then it burned a little.

Ton Nova was the first conductor of an orchestra, and has conducted many assemblies in the area. Louis Jansen of ‘s-Heerenberg took the lead. Not an unknown name either. His son and grandson, both named Martin, became conductive leaders, and his great-grandson Boris continues to run it.

Moorman, Berendsen and Kluitman themselves consciously experienced squad leader Emiel Beijer. “He loved the music of parades and marches, and we engaged him in many fun tattoos. Then he was standing with a flashing light on his head in the middle of the square near the town hall and we musicians had to walk beside it. A lot of time was invested in turning it into a show, which was practiced Then in Boszicht to see what works and what doesn’t.”

Subsequently, Ad Guardian, trumpeter of the Guilders Orchestra, became the conductor of the band. “Taptoes, that was a bit. Then we had a nice big group and DES started participating in the podium competitions. That’s definitely the highlight. Promotion in Wateringen, in the south of the Netherlands. In another league, that was a thing. We still call it the ‘Battle of Wateringen’.” That day everything was fine. Good team of musicians. Things went well and DES was promoted to the franchise division, which is now called Division 3. We are still playing in that division.”

The conductor who stayed the longest was Willie Bewdell. He was the conductor for eighteen years and was succeeded in 2018 by Gilt Jansma, the current conductor. “We had another high point with Willie Pewdell. New DJ in music and image. We did two shows and sold a lot of DVDs.”

After Corona, the fanfare should be back again. Appointment of membership was not possible for two years. How cool that on March 12, three members received an A diploma. Two young members on soprano sax and trombone and an adult member, starting later in life, on alto sax. Moormann: “We have training options for young people, but also for adults. Gilt and his wife Henriette Roach take this training together and do it in a very nice way.”

Fanfare DES’s Jubilee Concert will begin on the morning of Sunday 3 April at 11am at Steak’m Hall, Smallestraat 33 in Nieuw-Dijk. The program consists of beautiful music by percussion and brass band, special tales and images from “100 Years of Music in Neg Dick”. The public is very welcome, and admission is free.


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