Matisse breathes new life into De Groene Weyde: ‘It’s an iconic place’

From the outside it is still the same, but the inside has been completely renovated. Green Weyde is back! Today, after a long renovation, the restaurant has finally opened its doors. Ronald Hoxema and Marjorie van der Veen took care of the new interior, and Matisse Finkemüller takes charge of the restaurant area. Indebuurt spoke to Matthijs: “She has become a pearl.”

The imposing building of the Eetcafé De Groene Weyde has been towering on the edge of Noorderplantsoen for more than 36 years. “In 1652, Boterdiep was still running after De Groene Weyde. It was discovered that there was indeed a building with that name: Herberg De Groene Weyde,” explains Director Matisse enthusiastically. “So this is a place with a lot of history.”

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together strong

Matthijs has worked in the hospitality industry throughout his working life and has several restaurants in the city. He used to have the famous De Confession chair and now has three tapas stores. “It is time for something new. I have mastered tapas now and there are good, strong teams in all the restaurants. Here I can cook modern Dutch, as I call it. With influences from all over the world.”

Mattis doesn’t do this alone. “Ronald and Marjorie make a lot of furniture for the catering industry. They have De Handelsfabriek in Tolbert, where they sell many vintage interior items. But they really wanted to make a catering company from scratch.” So Mathijs, Ronald and Marjorie joined in. “They have completely furnished Groene Weyde and I can tell: it has become a truly gem!” says Matthijs proudly.

Sunny terrace and sheltered city garden

The trio has a big shoe to fill. Who among us has not settled on the inviting balcony in the summer for a drink or a snack? “We’re trying to give the old Groene Weyde restaurant a fresh, modern look. The terrace, of course, is still gorgeous as usual, but we also discovered that there’s a giant garden behind the building. We’ve completely renovated that, so you can sit there now too.”

City café De Groene Weyde wants to be accessible to a wide audience. “We open at eleven and serve lunch as well. We’re in a nice neighborhood here, so we just want to be a bar in the evening. A bit like De Bries and De Menard. A modern neighborhood cafe that’s easy to get to. We cook at restaurant level, but use cafeteria prices, so that it remains affordable and accessible.”

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creative chef

It will be a different experience in the restaurant than the old one. “We’re going to do it really differently. We work with a very small card and we change the card every month. That gives us the space to unleash our creativity in dishes and we can cook more with the season. Also very green,” Matisse laughs.

After years of entrepreneurship and management at De Groene Weyde, Matthijs is back behind the roof. “And I’ll be in the kitchen myself, for sure for the foreseeable future. I’m really looking forward to being able to cook again by myself. It’s great being in the kitchen and working with the dishes. I’m enjoying the experience to the fullest.”

green matthijs vinckemöller with commercial plant
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Green lawn for the garden

How could it be otherwise, the interior design has been well thought out with two specialists at Handelsfabriek. “We wanted to bring green to the garden, which is the green our restaurant owes its name from,” Matisse explains. “So we put up a huge moss wall.” The rest of the interior is executed in green, turquoise and copper colors with industrial and antique elements.

You can still see the history of the building in many ways. “We still have old iron hooks in the wall, you were using it to tie your horse to that.” But Matisse also notes in the reactions what the history of De Groene Weyde evokes. “We get a lot of feedback from people who have memories, for example that someone’s father used to play pool here (formerly a pool café, editor). A lot of people worked here as students.”

Matisse is not afraid of high expectations. “We made it much nicer. This really is the strength of Ronald and Marjorie. They have a lot of feelings for this. We have been working since July and we pulled ten containers. In the long run, only the old tape remains. And it remains! This is a symbol of us!”

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