Go dancing at the Marktkantine or let your kids enjoy themselves on the drums

Simon van Boxtel statue

Concert: Marienklage, oratorio by Jan van Maanen

Leading musician and composer Jan van Manen will fill the Dominicuskerk with medieval songs this weekend. The Marie’s complaint It consists of texts in Latin and Low German and is performed by a choir and ensemble. Van Maanen gave it his own classic touch; Medieval sounds are combined with contemporary music. Thus ancient Christian themes are presented in a modern way.
Sunday, 4pm, Dominicus Church, €20

pigeon john.  synitol s

pigeon john.synitol s

Concert: Pigeon John + XL the Band

Cinetol offers a Friday evening where you can hear everything from a musical point of view. Pigeon John combines hip-hop, rock, and R&B to tackle serious topics like racism. It tries to transcend genres and make discussion of these topics attractive to a wide audience. The band XL is made up of five musicians who are not afraid to experiment; They play jazz and hip-hop, among other things.
Friday, 7:30 pm, synitol10 euro

null Image Chris Van Hautes

Statue of Chris Van Hautes

Children: Beautiful Children’s Book Tour

On Sunday, De Tolhuistuin organizes the lovely SPIN Children’s Book Tour, which has a different book theme each week. Children can attend a show or narration by an actor with their parents. There can also be crafts, dancing, or painting, among a lot of other activities, depending on the book. Programs are 4-7 and 7-10 years. This week’s book is All the best wishes in the worldwith text by Ryan Visser and illustrations by Janick Ebenberg, a collection of poems for young and old.
Sunday, 3:30 pm, yarnfree entry

null Martin Swart's photo

Martin Swart statue

Children: Children play Conga and Drums

Want to beat the drums after a long day at school? In room 0.2 at Muziekpakhuis, kids can discover their music and creativity on Friday afternoons. bee Children play conga and drums They can climb behind the drum kit or conga and let their rhythm merge. Entry is free for children ages 6-10, but registration is required.
Friday, 4 pm, Amsterdam Music Depotfree entry

Nina de la Barra.  picture

Nina de la Barra.

Matini: The Ways of God

Nina de la Barra tells us God’s ways About her life in Suriname, accompanied by Saint-Landfrög on the saxophone. They both attended the Barlaeus Gymnasium and both have a history in Paramaribo. Spoken words and music are combined in this performance as topics such as feminism, ancestry, and generations are discussed. Music includes Caribbean dance, jazz, and blues.
Sunday, 3pm, Podium Mosaic, €18 (including drink)

null Image Bart Grettens

Bart Grettens’s photo

Theatre: Forms of Intrusion

Eight characters go through the trio: in the subway, in an apartment and in their heads. Het Paradijs play group check in forms of intrusion The increasing pressure on private space. The outside world invades the private sphere through the flow of messages, news, information and incentives. The characters, in turn, impose themselves on each other in all sorts of ways. The story begins during a special subway journey.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Bellevue Theatre, €19.50

Outside: Highlander walking with the guard

Find the Scottish Highlands at Amsterdamse Bos. These large cattle graze in the woods and keep the grass short. During the walk, which is suitable for all ages, the ranger will tell you everything you need to know about these animals and will lead you to places where heights often appear.
Sunday, 2pm, Amsterdamse Bos, €5

blank image

Workshop: Under the harbor

A diving bell at the bottom of the Oosterdok allows you to inhale the aromas of the harbor. Under the guidance of artist Mariko Hori, you will smell the scent of port and describe your interpretation of the fragrance. You process your interpretation in a chart of fragrance that is transformed into a melody. In Japan, “listening” also refers to the sense of smells. You listen not only with your ears, but also with your mind. Each person’s sensory experience turns into a tune that participants listen to together at the end of the workshop.
Saturday, 1pm, Mediamatic, €43

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Nightlife: John Digweed

Saturday go out in the market. British DJ and producer John Digwid is behind the turntables. At the beginning of this century, he was always among the top ten most popular DJs, and even became the first once. House and techno beats resonate well at night. Enjoy it while you still can, because Marktkantine has to close its doors from July 1.
Saturday, 10pm, market canteen, €29.25

Guri Rumba Statue

Gauri Rumba Statue

Market: Impact Market

At The Impact Market you can buy vegan cheese, organic soap made from orange peels and you can have your bike repaired by people at a distance from the job market. The market in De Hallen is part of The Impact Days, a collaboration between the four largest municipalities, where sustainable and social entrepreneurs are given a platform.
Friday, 3 p.m., De Hallen, free

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