Will Nitrogen Rules Make Riding Expensive?

Amid all the farmers’ protests, their voices are hardly heard, but entrepreneurs in the equine sector are also concerned about nitrogen policy. “For most Dutch people, horseback riding has become untenable.” Marco van den BergOctober 5 20221 o’clock private lessons for celebrities, team formation for lawyers, tours with hunting groups; In his own words, Paul … Read more

Work and care require more than a quick fix

A full-time bonus is a wrongful solution to a labor market problem. Rather than individual measures, more groundwork is needed to entice people to work longer hours. Photo: Norbert Walbor Photography Aging and a lack of youth lead to a narrow labor market. Due to staff shortages, for example, fewer trains are running, waiting lists … Read more

We’ll see these kids’ fashion trends again this fall

distance hot and dry summer Autumn is just around the corner. It’s time to change your wardrobe and your kids’ wardrobe and score some new items here and there. & nbsp- 4/10/2022 at 14:58 Are you looking for something new? children’s clothing Which one is perfect for fall 2022? In this article we discuss with … Read more

Client deposits €20 million in cash per year, and ING may end the Accountancy relationship this morning

ING was allowed to terminate a customer relationship with a car company that deposited €20 million in cash in one year, including 19,766 denominations of €500 cash. The Amsterdam Court of Appeal ruled this in summary proceedings. The court ruled that the banknotes were legal tender and that it was legitimate to accept cash payment. … Read more

Mama denounces the unsafe intersection with the Sluizenstraat “Hundreds of students are threatened every day by stray trucks” (Schüten)

Jan Uman In recent months, it has looked as if road workers, who supplied the Sluizenstraat with new sewers and a slippery road this spring, have gone on strike. They did not return after construction leave. “Aware,” explains the municipality’s approach, Wouter Rombouts (N-VA), a local council member for public works. “This had to do … Read more