Pain when seeing inverted flags Animals / Spankern

The message was sent – my grandfather was a farmer. He had a small farm near Surhuisterveen in Friesland. During the crisis years (around 1936) it went bankrupt. He could no longer do that and no one helped him out of his trouble. My grandfather traveled through Holland with his wife and five children and … Read more

RSM: Lost and Found Animals

Publication date: 08-11-2022Updated on: 11-08-2022 16:42 Lost and Found Animals Source: Animal Aid Woerden eo 11-08-2022 List of found and lost animals in the Stichting Dierenhulpverlening Woerden eo phone service from 08.00 to 19.00 at phone number 0348-414242 for all kinds of questions / information and from 19.00 to 08.00 there is a tape with … Read more

Turkey should be prosecuted for its crimes against children

Rojava / North and East Syria Evin Koma, member of the Algerian Human Rights Association, condemned the Turkish state’s attack on children in north and east Syria and demanded that Turkey be prosecuted for its crimes against children.The invading Turkish state continues its attacks on northern and eastern Syria, targeting children as well as civilians. … Read more

The suspect in the Plasserdam fatal collision is acquitted of the serious assault on the dam

Update: The Public Prosecution has appealed the acquittal. You can read more about this here. Placerdam – The 25-year-old man from Papendrecht, accused of killing two teenagers from Placerdam, has been acquitted of the assault he was suspected of in the city of Placerdam. This week is evidenced by the documents requested by the Hague … Read more